Sub-Genres in speculative fiction – erotic horror


Sub-Genres in speculative fiction – erotic horror

Erotic Horror had been well established in the 1980’s with the success of the Hot Blood series, anthologies edited by Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett. It featured stories by name authors and were top-notch horror tales with erotic content:

hot blood hotter blood hottest blood


Cthulhu Erotica is now an established sub-genre

whispers in darkness cthulhurotica booty call of cthulhu


Big-foot Erotica is a more recent sub-genre

virginia-wade-bigfoot-erotica taken by beasts taken by BF

Amazon has decided to pull some titles of Bigfoot erotica and the ones that they didn’t remove they made harder to find on the web-site. However, they have left Dinosaur Erotica and Alien Erotica publications intact. Some authors have said that Bigfoot Erotica may be considered too close to bestiality and that is why they were removed from distribution. So, in conclusion, one of the biggest companies in the US is saying, Bigfoot is real!

After selling over 100 thousand dollars of Bigfoot Erotica, author, Virginia Wade has seen a huge drop-off in sales due to Amazon’s tactics.

bigfoot erotica

The real Bigfoot could not be reached for comment.

monster erotica Cthulhu erotic

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8 thoughts on “Sub-Genres in speculative fiction – erotic horror

  1. I have read and pretty much loved all of the books (13 by my last count, if there are more I want to know) in the Hot Blood series. I may have to seek out some of the others mentioned here.

      • The remaining nine are subtitled in order from 4 to 13: Deadly After Dark, Seeds of Fear, Stranger by Night, Fear the Fever, Kiss and Kill, Crimes of Passion, Hot Blood X, Fatal Attractions, Strange Bedfellows and finally Dark Passions. All of them are edited by Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett. There is also one that I just discovered entitled Deadly Obsessions that is edited by Garrett alone and all the stories were written by him, also. Here’s a link you can check out:

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