Monster Wars – Model on the Mantle

Monster Wars – Episode One
Monster Model on the Mantle

Ok, so here’s a short video I posted on youtube. Any married man that has his guy toys should be able to relate to this. The wives’ never want our guy things in the general expanse of the home; they think they should stay relegated to the man cave or specially cordoned room. See what happens when I try to expand my influence into the rest of the house…

The video gets a little shaky in the middle. I didn’t want the wife to know I was recording. I’ll post some better pics of this model at a later date.

The model is Ymir, 20 Million Miles to Earth by Geometric

5 thoughts on “Monster Wars – Model on the Mantle

    • Nah, she wouldn’t dare, just threats! Of course, I did move it back to my monster room, just in case – I didn’t want no ‘accidents’ like in A Christmas Story, where the old man’s leg-lamp got broken 😀

  1. There’s really no need for those domestic fights. Just send it to me. I’ll keep it save and make good use of it too: it will prevent my dvd’s and blu-rays from toppling over!

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