Godzilla’s Most Formidable Enemies


Here’s My Top 10 list of Godzilla’s Most Formidable Foes


10 – The Sea Monster/Ebirah one film, several battles, a cameo in later films

Ebirah Ebirah-Horror-of-the-Deep-Godzilla-vs-the-Sea-Monster


9 – King KongOne film, but defeated Godzilla in the end.

King Kong v Godzilla pic 4 King-Kong-vs-Godzilla


8 – Destroyah – One film, but defeats Godzilla Jr. then nearly defeats Godzilla in a big finale battle.

godzilla-vs-destoroyah-destroyah- pic 1 Godzilla vs Destoroyah pic 4


7 – Megalon – One film, the Space Beetle/insect caused much harm to Godzilla in several battle scenes.

megalon giff godzilla-vs-megalon 1973


6 – Hedorah/The Smog Monster – One film, spit pollution goop into Godzilla’s Eye and covered his hand in slime which burned like acid.

Hedorah the smog monster pic 1 Hedorah the smog monster pic 3


5 – Gigan – 3 films, space creature with an assortment of powerful weaponry, Lazer shooting eye, razor-like belly spikes, hook hands.

gigan pic 3 gigan pic 4


4 – Biollante – One film, Biollante feeds off the energy of Godzilla and continues to grow larger than Big-G. When Biollante opened it’s mouth and nearly swallowed Godzilla whole, I thought it was over…I thought wrong.

biollante godzilla v biollante pic 2


3 – Mothra – 8 films with Godzilla (plus 4 others), battles Godzilla in several films when Big-G is the bad guy, but is also on the same side as Godzilla in some films. Biggest battles, Godzilla vs. The Thing, Tokyo SOS, All Out Monsters Attack.

Tokyo SOS -mothra fights Tokyo SOS Mothra pic 3


2 – Mechagodzilla – 5 films, went from bad guy in the 1970’s to Government weapon/good guy in the 1990’s and 2000’s. In the Millennium Series he is also called, Kiryu.

mecha godzilla pic 1 Mechagodzilla Tokyo-SOS - pic 2


1 – Ghidorah /Ghidrah/ King Ghidorah – 8 films, No matter how you spell it, this space monster/dragon is never truly defeated. Ghidorah always returns, shooting electric beams from its three heads and causing chaos in Japan. Often, Godzilla must recruit other Kaiju to defeat this  foe.
ghidrah pic 2 ghidrah pic 3

Do you think MUTOs should replace any of these in my Top 10?

godzilla 2014-vs-muto


Godzilla anguirus

10 thoughts on “Godzilla’s Most Formidable Enemies

  1. Yes, i think MUTO’s should replace one of them. Maybe not so much because they deserve it, but more to give this list a contemporary injection. A white lie…?

  2. King Ghidorah is probably the coolest looking of Godzilla’s foes. I have always liked Mechagodzilla a little more and unlike a lot of other of BigG’s foes MechaG got tougher and more impressive as time went on.

  3. I actually like the MUTOs a lot, they are clearly designed after the Giger/Cameron Alien Queen. But i heard no one talk about that, and i didn’t spot their names in the credits? Ooh, it must have killed Giger! Cameron will probably sue… And the MUTOs are big. I even bought a new tv so they would fit, but strangely enough it doesn’t seem to make much difference? From the looks of it, replace nr.7 Megalon with the MUTOs. Or else…

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