Big Bad Wolf (2006) – movie review


Big Bad Wolf (2006)

Finally got to watch big bad wolf, a werewolf movie I had heard about many years ago. The set up was not so promising as a group of college students head to a remote cabin in the woods and settle in for a weekend of partying and sex. They’re not at the cabin long when the big bad wolf comes bursting in looking for flesh and blood. Derek, the nerdy kid whose step dad owns the cabin, and his friend, Sam, a tough biker-chick, big-bad-wolf-movie-poster-2006manage to escape. When they return home we get a whole family dynamic with the mean step dad, the mom trying to keep their marriage together, and Derek, the son who is trying to find his place in this dysfunctional family. There’s also a back story about Derek’s real father and how he died under questionable circumstances. It’s a decent story for a B-werewolf movie.

The werewolf is a big gnarly half man/half wolf who is able to talk. He delivers some great snarky comments throughout his killing sprees. They don’t show a transformation scene which is quite alright with me (like I haven’t seen it a thousand times already). I actually like the werewolf design here. It’s standard makeup prosthetics, but nicely realized. The beast is powerful, tossing teens around like wet noodles after bludgeoning them considerably. There’s some great spook house violence in the film, a decapitation, legs being ripped off, and torn flesh galore with plenty of spraying blood.

After you get passed the cliché college kids in the cabin scenes, the plot adds some interesting and entertaining aspects. There’s some comedic scenes and funny one-liners from the werewolf and the film doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a definite 80’s feel to it. It even has the requisite ’warning’ from the ‘old guy’ on the mountain road, this time played by Clint Howard, stating, “You don’t want to go up to that cabin…and if you do, stay in doors.” If you’re into 1980’s horror flicks you should definitely check this out despite the fact that it was made in 2006.

bb wolf pic 7

Good 80’s style werewolf flick for some nostalgic entertainment and cheesy comedic elements.

I give it 3.0 sharp claws out of 5 on the hairy horn-dog scale of werewolf horror flicks.

4 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf (2006) – movie review

  1. I have the DVD and watched it some time ago. I agree with your comments and I did enjoy the witty werewolf. It’s on my to watch list for next week for the beginning of my Halloween watching fest.

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