13 Frightful Tunes! The ultimate Halloween rockin’ song list!

vintage-halloween-pinup-ava-gardner b vintage-halloween-pinup-veronica-lake b

13 Frightful Tunes!

Sick of the same ol’ songs being suggested for your Halloween bash?

Have you heard enough of Thriller, Monster Mash, and the Ghostbusters theme? If I hear these songs at another Halloween party, I’ll puke up my guts!

I offer you my Rockabilly, Punk-abilly, Psycho-billy, surfer-rock, Halloween play list.

A baker’s dozen of some less played-out holiday alternatives – 13 Creepy Rockers for your Halloween song list…

The Munsters Theme Song

Deadbolt – Voodoo Doll

Tito & Tarantula – After Dark 

The Ramones – Pet Sematary

Headless Horseman song

Necropolis: City if the Dead

The Frantics – Werewolf

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard

Horrorpops – Walk Like a Zombie

Nekromantics – Horny in a Hearse

Zombie Ghost Train – R.I.P

Shiny Toy Guns – Ghost Town

Voodoo Zombie – El Twist De La Pinup

horrorpops Screamin 'Jay Hawkins I32

deadbolt band

5 thoughts on “13 Frightful Tunes! The ultimate Halloween rockin’ song list!

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  2. Very cool.

    Total side note: I may have seen Salma’s dance scene 3 or 4 times before I realized there was music even playing. 😀

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