Urban Legend #9 – by Michael Thomas-Knight


Urban Legend #9 – by Michael Thomas-Knight

Michael Thomas-Knight published in the Halloween issue of Fictionterrifica.com

When you’re online, for most people that means the “Real World’ is offline. There’s a killer on the lose, looking to take advantage of your inattention. 17-year-old, blonde-hair, blue-eyed, cheerleader Nicole, has no idea she is being stalked. But all is not as it seems…

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5 thoughts on “Urban Legend #9 – by Michael Thomas-Knight

  1. I liked your story, it grabbed hold of my attention from the opening paragraph and didn’t let go. The descriptions you used were well thought out and not overblown. Stylistically, the choices you made, I felt were all spot on. I also have to admit, that I found ambiguity in the story as it pertains to the end, which is a good thing, because it left me thinking about what you had written, long after I was done reading it.

    • Thanks so much Robin for your in depth comment. As a writer I never usually know if a reader likes a story or ‘gets’ what I was aiming for in a particular tale. It’s so great to hear feedback. Yes, I set this story up as a paradox with no answer. The whole tale supports the one sentence, “are the words appearing on the screen because I’m here, or do I exist because the words are appearing on the screen?” Thank you for spending the time to read and giving me some feedback.

      • You’re welcome. I am glad you liked receiving my feedback. Well, you not only set your story up as a paradox, but you succeeded, so congratulations. I definitely agree with you, the one sentence that you mentioned in your comment back to me, does support the entire story.

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