Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Woolly Rhino

wooly rhino pics 005

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Woolly Rhino

aurora woolly rhino -2 mike knight

Kit being built – before paint 2

Here is my Aurora Prehistoric Scenes, Woolly Rhino, garage kit.

wooly rhino pics 004

There was no Woolly Rhino kit release from Aurora, so I built this using pieces of Aurora kits and sculpting my own details.

???????????????????? Aurora Prehistoric scenes Tar Pit

This kit uses the head from the Woolly Rhino in the Aurora Tar-Pit kit. I sculpted a body and made a base to match the tradition of the Aurora kits.

See my video for info on the build, sculpting, painting and creating the Woolly Rhino kit…

11 thoughts on “Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Woolly Rhino

      • Everything is good. Mike! All settled in. Finally getting back on track. I have started posting new content and it feels good to be writing again. Thanks!

      • No, we are pretty clear for now. A little dusting and frigid cold but not too bad. No accumulation as of yet.

        Buffalo is an hour west from us, and, yeah, they have been hit pretty hard. There is warmer weather coming so the snow will thaw and melt in no time until the next storm pounds through.

        Have a good night, Mike and we’ll chat soon bro!

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