When does a writer become an author?

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When does a writer become an author?

One of the advantages to having numerous books on the market with my short stories in them is that people start to call me an author. They start to think of me as an author and they start to treat me like an author, too. I guess I’m becoming an author 🙂

At Jim’s Pyre’s Dead Letter Office, Jim interviews numerous authors at different stages of their career. I’m humbled, being one of the authors that Jim has found to interview. I share the honor and company of outstanding wordsmiths such as, Tim Waggoner, Mercedes Yardley, Alex S Johnson, and Glenn Rolfe.

Thanks so much Jim!

If you would like to hear of my upcoming projects, share in my writing techniques and ideas, stop by and read the interview: The Interview

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5 thoughts on “When does a writer become an author?

  1. I’m only starting out as a writer and I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as an author yet… heck, I can’t even use the word ‘writer’ without appending ‘wannabe’ or ‘aspiring’. Well done for getting to the point where you feel comfortable with authorship!

    By the way, ‘Little Town of Deathlehem’ may just be one of the best book titles I’ve ever seen…

    • I’m glad I’m getting some recognition that way, I have been getting stories published since 2007. And yes, I love it when I get accepted into a book and when the cover art comes out, its excellent! ‘Deathlehem’ is one of my faves:)

  2. Wow, great interview, Mike. Some awesome info about yourself. Very useful tips and advice, too. Because of you I will be exploring the works of Bierce and Blackwood asap.

    Also, looking forward to The Devil’s Avatar. Sounds like a blast and thanks for the mention. Much appreciated!

    • Thanks Vic, I have reviews of Beirce’ s Ghost Stories book and Blackwood’s here on my blog. Check the reviews menu, books are near the bottom of the list after movie posts. Or you can just put them in the search. Thanks for checking out the interview Vic. 🙂

      • Thanks Mike! I will check out those reviews. I am very intrigued to get around to their works. Enjoy the rest of your week, man! 🙂

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