New fiction for the horror reader!

Here’s a couple of new book releases for you all to check out:

Beavers book cover Tales from the Beaumont House cover

Beavers! by Joseph F. Parda

An unlikely creature becomes a monstrous foe at sleepy vacation town.

Tales from the Beaumont House by DF Holland

A collection of supernatural horror tales connected with residents of The Beaumont House.

You can check out the different formats and synopsis at the web-site:

5 thoughts on “New fiction for the horror reader!

    • It does look like one of those great B- horror movie posters! And the story reads like one, too! I’ll have a review up before too long. Let me know if you want a review copy of either book, I’m good friends with Joe.

    • Lol, the book has no relation to Zombeavers. I know the writer of Beavers!, Joe Parda, (we actually worked on a B-horror flick together in the 90’s) and I know he’d been working on this novel for a while – before news of Zombeavers came out. 🙂

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