Stomping Grounds, featuring a short story by Michael Thomas-Knight

 stomping grounds antho

Giant Monsters abound in Stomping Grounds!

April Moon Books has released an Stomping Grounds, an anthology of Giant Monster stories which includes my tale, The Devil’s Avatar.

They’ve also made available these “excerpt cards’ to get a taste for the anthology of Giant Monster horror in STOMPING GROUNDS. (click on each excerpt card for a clearer read)Stomping Grounds - The Devil's Avatar excerpt

I have mine posted here along with a few other excerpts. I must say, not to take anything away from all the other anthologies I’ve been in, this is one that I am most excited about reading! Of course you all must know how much a fan I am of Giant Monsters and Dinosaurs, so I am super excited to have a story in this book featuring tales of, among other things: A Giant Wasp, Giant Lovecraftian horrors, a Giant Giraffe, a Giant FROG, a giant CLOWN…

My story The Devil’s Avatar has numerous nods to scenes in Giant Monster Movies including, Attack of the 50 ft. Woman, Talos from Jason and the Argonauts, King Kong, and others. Hopefully, if you read the story, you’ll get to certain parts and say, Hey, this reminds me of the scene in the movie, so-and-so (fill in movie tittle).

So, check out these excerpts and if it sounds good, check out the kindle and paperback release:


Stomping Grounds - The Bulb excerpt
Stomping Grounds - The Wicked Big Monstah... excerptStomping Grounds  - Koom Koom-The Frog From Hell excerpt

14 thoughts on “Stomping Grounds, featuring a short story by Michael Thomas-Knight

  1. This sounds fun, I might have to get it. I’m intrigued by your entry and the thought of a giant (I’m assuming killer) giraffe. The cover looks like an 80s VHS cover to a children’s movie. I love it.

  2. A giant giraffe. I need to know where that story goes. Those pages look amazing and the cover made me think of an episode from Tales From The Dark Side.
    Congrats on your story. These all sound scary good.

  3. Hello – publisher here 🙂
    Very happy you all like the cover – that’s my little boy on the front!
    If and when you get the book, I think you are going to love it – it’s a lot of fun, and Michael’s story is perfect for it!

    • I didn’t know that was your son, Neil. He looks like a fine young man 🙂 I’m sure he is proud to be on a book cover and excited to tell all his freind’s. Thanks for everything, this is an antho I am most proud of, myself! 🙂

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