Movie Theater Displays of Days Gone By

theater MJY 1940s

Movie Theater Displays and Marquees

In the old days the major studios would put some fun displays together for the theaters. Here’s a look at some of those great designs and promotions.

And here’s some theater marquees with some classic films. Less promo but fun to see these films in theaters, some attracting big lines of movie fans.

5 thoughts on “Movie Theater Displays of Days Gone By

  1. Such a shame these movie theatre displays are a thing of the past now, just look at those incredible posters and banners. Now everything seems so dull in comparison, a real shame, think more poepl would go to the cinema if it looked as amazing as this!

  2. Nowadays all you get is an undersized poster and an LED display of the movies and showtimes. Sometimes you even get some sort of cardboard standee; that is, if you’re lucky.

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