The Whisperer in Darkness – (2011) – movie review

I thought this would be a good time to reblog this post. It didn’t get very many views when originally posted and it’s the follow up to Call of Cthulhu, by HPLHS films. So if you like Lovecraft and old style films, check it out…

parlor of horror

The Whisperer in Darkness – (2011) – movie review

This is the sophomore effort by the H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society following their much praised Call of Cthulhu a few years back. Their mission is to create films that adhere more closely to Lovecraft’s original tales while recreating vintage era film styles. Cthulhu is loved for its novelty, for its underdog effort, and for its ingenious ‘no-budget’ filming techniques. It is a silent movie praised by both Lovecraft fans and vintage film enthusiasts. Their second film also calls upon historical styles to tell its tale. It is modeled in the style of early horror films, from the 1930’s – and yes it is a ‘talkie’ – not a silent film.

For those who are not familiar with ‘The Whisperer’ story I will give you the brief. After the Vermont floods of 1927, Professor Albert Wilmarth (Matt Foyer) of the Miskatonic…

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