Horror Art and Music – the artists – part 4

Mike Bohatch

Horror Art and Music – the artists – part 4

Joachim Luetke – Par Olofsson – Mike Bohatch

Joachim Luetke
Joachim Luetke is a mixed-media artist known for his CD art for bands such as Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator, Marilyn Manson, and Meshuggah. His art has also been published in a book, Posthuman – The Art of Joachim Luetke (2000)



Par Olofsson
Par Olofsson is a Swedish artist that painted many CD covers for death metal bands. His work is graphically violent in nature and often gory.



Mike Bohatch
Mike Bohatch creates bizarre images using his digital art composite methods. His art has graced the CD’s of numerous bands on Century Media Records and many other indie releases. In recent years he has expanded into motion graphics and special effects for film.


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