The X From Outer Space (1967) – movie review

the X from outer space - pic 4

The X From Outer Space (1967) (1968 – US)

Shochiku Studios

Aka: “The X from Planet X” – “Uchu Daikaju Girara”

The X From Outer Space concerns the voyage of a ship, the AAB Gamma. Somewhere between the space station on the moon and their journey to Mars, the crew encounters an orange glowing flying saucer. The ship picks up some magnetic material on its hull and two crew members go out on a spacewalk to get the material off. They save some samples, some white foamy substance and a glowing rock that is magnetic. The ship is damaged and a rescue ship is sent to tow it back to earth. Almost immediately the rock hatches a creature, unseen at the time, but proven by a claw-like foot print left in the lab. the X from outer space - poster 1Overnight the creature grows to giant Kaiju proportions and rises from its hiding spot underground.

Guilala is either the dumbest, silliest looking giant monster ever designed or a fantastic modern creation, I can’t decide which. It has a chicken beak, a flying saucer shaped head, big antenna with huge ball shapes on the end, puffy arms and legs, spikes along its back, and lizard-like feet. Glowing red eyes shoot laser rays, it spits flaming fire balls, it smashes city buildings and stomps on tanks. There’s some massive city destruction as a battle rages with the Japanese air force. Sure, you can see the wires but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the film. In fact, I consider this one of the top non-Toho Kaiju films (along with the original Gamera). Highlights of the film include the two female actresses taking a shower together and kicking soap suds at each other (they don’t show any nudity, just naked feet).

the X from outer space - pic 14The authorities know the monster is headed straight for Tokyo, (how they knew this? I don‘t have a clue) and claim they have no ideas on what to do about this monster…are you kidding? There’s a giant monster attack on Japan every week, they should be experts on what to do! The crew of AAB Gamma go to space for clues on how to destroy Guilala. The beast seems to absorb all energy that is around it. They discover the white foam is a spore that drains things of their energy. So they come up with a plan to shoot the white foam spores into Guilala which drains the beast of energy and shrinks him down to its original size as a glowing rock. They put the rock and spores into a rocket capsule and send it into deep space.

UFO’s, space stations, mismatched elevator music and the Giant Chicken Lizard Kaiju,  hacking up flaming spit balls, what more can you want?



There is a sequel made many years later, The Monster X Strikes Back/Attack the G8 Summit (2008), which is all camp comedy and political satire. Too much lame satire and not enough monster, it’s not nearly as good from a Kaiju fan perspective.

the X from outer space - 2008 Filme Title: Girara no gyakushu / Samitto kiki ippatsu! (Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit!)

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