Horror art and books – artists available!

Stephen Cooney pic 11

Horror art and books

Here I’d like to feature some up-and-coming artists that have been creating book cover designs.

I say, judge a book by its cover! If the cover grabs you, chances are you will enjoy reading the story.

Do you have a new book coming out? These experienced artists are currently available for all your book cover and design needs.


Stephen Cooney
is an illustrator and artist greatly influenced by metal horror artists such as, Ed Repka and Derek Riggs. Stephen is known for his art in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres, and is especially known for his zombie paintings. He is quite adept at producing artwork with gore, so if you have some crazy idea, lay it on him. A couple of his pieces remind me of the infamous Cannibal Corpse covers. He has designed book and magazine covers for many different publishers and authors from all over the world (over 100) and is regularly seen at art and book conventions. In the future he hopes to design album covers for some iconic metal bands.


William Cook
is an artist and horror writer from New Zealand whose work has graced both, the covers and the insides of many anthologies and books. He often uses the signature tag of ‘WookieArt.’ Some selections here are illustrations/graphic art pieces done for book jackets and covers. His work uses stark colors and bold design in digital compositions that really catch your eye.

You can see more of his work here: http://williamcookart.tumblr.com/ and here for my book covers: http://bloodsoakedgraphics.tumblr.com/


Malle Malle (Marcel)

Is a 21 yrs old Graphic Designer from Germany. Through his company Xonic Art & Design, he creates Album covers, Wallpapers, Logos, Banner & Profile pictures, mostly Dark Horror, but also Science Fiction, with Abstract & Robotic Elements. He would be willing to create Book cover designs. On his facebook page you can find his personal work and his designs created for customers. His Price is very reasonable, 15 Euro – for every Design. Anyone can buy the Designs and can print his personal Poster, T-shirt Design or other Merchandise. His official Page: https://www.facebook.com/xonicartanddesigns


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