Horror Art – Side Show Banners


Side Show Banners

Summer is finally upon us. It’s a time for summer fun: Beaches, Amusement Parks, and Carnivals. Lets celebrate with some vintage sideshow banners. Sideshow banners have become somewhat of a folk art sensation. Collectors look for canvas works by famous banner artists such as Fred Johnson and Glen Davies.

Step right up folks, step right up! Witness with your very own eyes, the astounding mysteries of the world…Alive!

This is the stuff from where nightmares are spawn…


7 thoughts on “Horror Art – Side Show Banners

  1. The good old days! I watched a show where these people discovered a bunch of these in an old theatre. They can be worth a lot of money. Me, I just love the quaintness of them. Brings back great memories of the carnival side shows.

  2. When I was a child of 5 years old there was a circus in the field right outside my house. As my brother and sister and I were walking through this field to this circus I could hear the barker as he spoke of “CONGA THE BIG KILLER APE!!” My eyes widened, my heart raced and my steps faltered; what was I getting myself into? Bravely I marched onward and I would have made it inside had it not been for that barker shouting out those words one more time and seeing a banner very similar to the one in your collection advertising Gargantua or the one just below the Fire Eater. I beat my brother and sister home. The point of this is that if these banners can scare a 5 year old then they are doing it right.

    • lol, great story John. I had quite a bit of apprehension toward the carnival side-shows when I was young, too. I’m thinking it was mostly because of the banner art. I’m getting the creeps just thinking about seeing a 27-pound fly as advertised in the banner above…

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