It Follows (2014) – Movie Review

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It Follows (2014)

Directed by David Robert Mitchell

Maika Monroe
Keir Gilchrist
Daniel Zovatto

This film starts out really slow and somber. The background music kinda’ sucks, it stands out because it’s so bland and Casio keyboard sounding. Jay’s boyfriend is a real creep. I guess teenage girls have little judge of character. That’s why they should listen to their parents more. So this bad entity, that can take over bodies and look like anyone, follows these youngsters around. It moves slow but if it catches you it will kill you. It’s passed to someone else by having sex with them. A guy has sex with Jay then disappears. Shortly after Jay begins to see strange people around her. They look like a normal people but there’s just It-follows-Moviesomething weird about them. They are in unnatural settings like an old woman on the school campus, or a freaky girl that looks like she’s just been raped.

The young man, Paul, that lives with the family loves his old time sci-fi flicks. Killers From Space and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women are two of the flicks he’s watching. Damn, these ghostly people are creepy. Especially the real tall guy. The movie definitely ramps up the tension with these scenes. It doesn’t help that the mom works nights.

The family hides at the neighbor’s summer house on the lake. It gets creepy there too. In fact the good scenes are so good that you can overlook some scenes that are extremely slow and that there are a couple of loose ends in the storyline. The fact that there’s no adults anywhere in these kid’s lives has to be overlooked, too. It‘s like a Charlie Brown/Peanuts cartoon. I’ve seen reviews that compare this to the atmosphere of modern sexuality of young people today. The only way to deal with this sexually transmitted ‘ghost disease’ is to pass it on to someone else. Really? I hope today’s young people are more intelligent and morally decent than that. I’ve also seen reviews that praise this film as the best horror flick in a decade. I wouldn’t go that far–its good but not that good. Anyway, it does have a semi-happy ending for Jay and Paul who, it seems, had a crush on Jay for many years.

It follows - pic 8

A decent creepy thriller with a somber mood.
I give it 3.3 creepy ghost girls out of 5 on the scale of horrific harbingers of hell.


13 thoughts on “It Follows (2014) – Movie Review

  1. I think I might have liked this one more and I did appreciate the slower moments, which for me helped to build the tension as you knew it was out there, somewhere. Great 80s vibe to it also.

  2. I agree with A LOT of your points, such as comparing the lack of adults in the film to Charlie Brown; however, I fall into the crowd of people that feel that it’s arguably one of the BEST films of the decade- I feel that it’s atmospheric, moody, and the music is what makes it a masterpiece of the genre. I even wrote my own review on it: []

    I’m glad I got to read a review from the OTHER side of things: most reviews I’ve read on the film have been SUPER POSITIVE, and was wondering if there WAS anyone who wasn’t AS BIG of a fan out there..

    • Checked out your blog, Warren, cool beans! I didn’t dislike the movie, I thought it was good. Different opinions make the world go round. I can think of a dozen films in the last 10 years I do like better but I sometimes have eclectic tastes 🙂 Often I’ll like a b-horror flick better than a mainstream movie.

      • Thanks, man! Every “like” certainly helps 🙂 [I also enjoy your page! Dome great material, there!!] also, finally! most [not all] of my friends like mainstream horror, meanwhile I enjoy films like the original Evil Dead or <The Toxic Avenger , haha. I definitely agree with you on different opinions being a good thing, it helps give different views on different topics – it’s a good way to spark conversations, rather than people just agreeing for the sake of agreeing; if that makes sense :]

  3. fair review, bro. I think I enjoyed it a bit more than you did, initially, but I have yet to re-watch it and i think I may have a bit of a different outlook having just agreed with many of the points you made in your review.

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