Devil (2010) – movie review

I’m re-posting this review as part of the IPC’s Devil Week feature. Click on the Devil Week image to see more Devilish reviews from co-bloggers 🙂

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Devil (2010)

Yes, this is the movie that takes place in an elevator – not to be mistaken with Elevator, which is also on Netflix and suspiciously has almost the exact same poster art. Devil is based on a story written by M. Night Shyamalan, but directed by John Erick Dowdle. This is one fantastic horror thriller. Set in a Philadelphia high-rise, it feeds off the claustrophobic setting.

The film begins with an upside-down view of Philadelphia which is a stunning, beautiful shot. Naturally, the inverted image is to signify that something is wrong with the world but it is no less impressive in its skewed view. We enter a large office Devil_film_posterbuilding and witness the hustle and bustle of the work week. Five passengers enter an elevator which gets stuck on the 22nd floor. It isn’t long before they get on each others nerves and turn on one another…

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3 thoughts on “Devil (2010) – movie review

  1. I almost mix up the two movies too. I loved this one. M.Night can’t do a bad one can he? The cast was pretty good and the twist was fantastic. There were some false leads that kept me from figuring it out for quite a ways in the movie. And I love the beginning, with everything upside down.

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