Jerseyfest 2015 – show overview


Jerseyfest Model Kit and Statue Fair 2015 – Aug. 29 & 30
Marriott Hotel Exhibition Center, Whipanny NJ

I attended the Jerseyfest Model Kit Fair over the weekend of Aug. 29th/30th. The overall theme this year was Godzilla and Kaiju, but any kind of model kit could be entered or displayed in the contest room. The convention included a model kit contest, several building, sculpting, painting, and airbrushing classes, and the wonderful work by Jon LeGrande (LeGrandzilla), whose 25 or more Godzilla and Kaiju kits were on display for public viewing.

jerseyfest jon legrande 33 jerseyfest Bill Newell 072

There were some incredibly well built and beautifully painted kits running the gamut from Cartoon subjects to Disney characters to horror films. They even had a category for builders under 13. Following the main theme there were many excellent giant monster kits to view.


I even entered a couple of kits myself and it was enjoyable to see people stopping by the table and taking photos of my Godzilla vs. Gamera diorama.



In the vendor room were dozens of companies selling kits, modeling and sculpting supplies, and paint. I found some great deals in the room for traditional styrene plastic kits.


There were tons of spectacular resin and garage kits from small companies. Some of my faves included the futuristic Scooby Doo and Shaggy and the Monster versions Sesame Street style characters from Monster Dork Studio.

I also liked the pin-up style kits from Kit Kong including Rosie the Riveter, Ultraviolet and Nancy (Jessica Alba) from Sin City.


Resin Crypt had a booth with their awesome Hammer Films and classic ’60’s horror kits including the newest ones Veronica Carlson and the Black Sunday kit. Below is the London After Midnight kit.



On Saturday night I attended a presentation where several modelers talked about their kit builds and techniques.
Robert Troch had a huge diorama depicting a scene from Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster. The diorama was an ‘in-progress’ build featuring the MM 28 kits, Ghidorah, Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra (larvae stage) which are HUGE.

Next up was Matt Evangelista from Kaiju Modeler speaking about his Godzilla kit which stood about 2 and 1/2 ft tall.

Then Jon Legrande took center stage discussing techniques he applied to his Godzilla 2014 diorama and his Gamera build. Check out his Youtube Chanel LeGrandzilla for videos

JF 5 Jon JF 5b Jon
Lastly Bill Newell relayed some detail about his Kaiyodo, 1962 Godzilla sculpted by Sakai. You can look up Bill’s work at Godzillabadger.

JF 4 Bill


Although I had originally intended to leave on Sunday Morning, I was able to stay for the 2nd day (my daughter got someone to fill in at her job). Sunday afternoon I attended a painting class by Jordu Schell (Avatar, Hellboy, Batman Returns). I don’t use airbrush myself, but Jordu was an entertaining speaker and I enjoyed seeing his work.


There were many great prizes and trophies for the top kits. This was a great weekend for the model kit builder at any level and with this year’s theme any Godzilla fan too!


I purchased these kits for excellent show only prices!

my purchases at Jerseyfest 2 my purchases at Jerseyfest 1

Mobeus Mummy with the Boris Karloff replacement head for $30.
The Munster’s Koach $19.
The Polar Lights Creature w/Julie Adams $25.
Polar Lights Robby the Robot $20


Some other vendors I’d like to mention include:

Creative Beast Studio for some awesome colorful dinosaur kits – (David Silva)
Cretaceous Creations for their realistic looking dinosaur and prehistoric animal kits – (Shane Foulkes) for some awesome Aurora Monster Scenes add-on kits –
Starlighting Projects for their one of a kind light up accessories, candles, torches, light up illusions, Frankenstein Castle light-up machinery –
Monster Dork Studio – 
Cthulhu Gizzard Customs – Facebook


These are only a fraction of the kits on display and for sale at JerseyFest 2015 – There will be much more to view at the Galleries on the JerseyFest website (will be posted soon), including previous years and winner listings.

Display and contest room gallery:

Vendor room and misc. gallery:



7 thoughts on “Jerseyfest 2015 – show overview

  1. This Model Kit Fair looks incredible! You must’ve been in your element. So many great displays and guests, and a nice to see the Godzilla theme as well. Also great to see your kits on display, you have done so many brilliant model kits, so good to see them in this setting where everyone can enjoy them. Looks like you treated yourself to some awesome model kits too, will look forward to seeing your posts about them when they are built – especially the Mummy kit! Awesome post & thanks for sharing this brilliant event!

    • Thanks for sharing your kits Bill, they are all excellent! I wish I could have that Rodan model to display in my home…my wife would freak 😀 I never realized kits could be so big until I attended the show – this was the first show of this kind I ever attended. I’m glad it had a Kaiju theme, it was a lot of fun.

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