Writing Rules, Author page and I need your opinion

 Writing Rules:

 writing rules

Author page and I need your opinion

I’ve created a new Author Page in the menu bar to provide some info about me as a fiction writer and to provide links to some of my work. If you get a chance can you please check it out and give me some feedback? How do you feel about what’s on this page and is there something different you would want to read about an author that I have not included here?


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Just a reminder, If you are interested in reading any of my horror fiction, I have several flash fiction placements this year where you can read for free.

April 2015 - Sirens Call - 20

Siren’s Call eZine issue # 20 – story: Vector-7



Halloween forevermore – story: 8 Seconds of Torment

fiction terrifica

Fiction Terrifica – story: Urban Legend #9 

Thanks for reading.
If you can, leave a comment. It makes the webmasters aware that horror fiction on the web is read and enjoyed.


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