Terror Tract (2000) – movie review

Terror Tract pic 1

Terror Tract (2000)

John Ritter
Bryan Cranston
Rachel York
David DeLuise

Here’s a horror anthology film that some will find entertaining. It was made in 2000 but feels like 1980s style horror tales. We have twist endings, brief nudity, past and future stars, and some good ol’ fashion story telling. It’s not going to blow you away or win any awards but it was fun to watch…at least for me.Terror_Tract_Film_Poster

John Ritter plays Bob Carter, a real estate agent in a seemingly perfect suburb. He’s showing homes to a young couple. Each home seems to be under-priced to be a deal of a lifetime. However, the agents company believes in full disclosure and John is faced with telling the twisted tragedies which had transpired within these homes. So within each home we are introduced to a new story.

A man finds his cheating wife with her lover and attempts to exact revenge, but all goes wrong and he winds up dead. That’s okay, there’s time to get them later. A father and daughter relationship gets strained when the five-year-old finds a small monkey in the yard and begs to adopt it. However there’s something rotten about this simian and the father (Bryan Cranston) goes all Heisenberg on it. A psychiatrist discovers that her patient knows a little too much about a serial killer’s methods for attacking successful single women. She signals for security but will they get there in time?

Finally, Bob reveals that he’ll loose more than his 6-figure salary if he doesn’t make a home sale this afternoon.

There are no explosions and even the make-up effects were minimal, however the tales were strong enough to keep me interested and reminded me of Tales from the Crypt. If you’re looking for a good anthology to prime you for the Halloween season, you can check out this modest film. You may find it enjoyable.

Terror Tract pic 6

A fun anthology of horror tropes enjoyable enough for the horror fan.

I give it 3.0 murderous stabs in the night on the good ‘ol horror staples scale!


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