Attention all Horror Writers

halloween devils

Attention all Horror Writers, authors, and story tellers…

Do you have a horror story on the web that people can read for their Halloween enjoyment?

Looking for stories where readers can can click a link and go to read it right now! 

I’m inviting you to put your links in the comments so readers can enjoy your stories and capture the Halloween spirit. On a normal day this would probably be viewed as spam, but today I want you to promote your work with no hesitation.

*Only one story per author.

*Story has to be less than 2,000 words. Remember shorter is better on the web.

*No links to Amazon books or sites where they have to download, join, or put in emails.

To keep this simple and clean, only put – your name – story title – your link – in the comment post. If you have anything else to comment about, put it in a separate comment.

This has to be a totally FREE read.


Here’s My story entry: Aberration on 

*******PLEASE READ*******

THERE WILL BE A CUT OFF FOR STORIES that I will promote in a second post before Halloween. It will most likely go up over the weekend of the 24th or Monday the 26th at the latest. So the cut off will be the 31st story or Thurs. Oct. 22nd. 
You’ll still be able to post your stories on this page but won’t be included in the secondary post.

80 thoughts on “Attention all Horror Writers

  1. There are many wonderful, high quality horror stories here. I’m having an enjoyable time reading these. I will soon be open to submissions on Cemetery Tomes and hope some of these wonderful authors will consider contributing.

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  3. Reblogged this on Tim Prasil and commented:
    The Parlor of Horror site had a great idea. Mike asked horror authors to post a link to their original short, online story for Halloween. The results have been good!

    Alas, my Vera Van Slyke stories don’t qualify. But go visit the Parlor for some fine storytelling.

    • Audio version, awesome! Excellent bone chilling tale! For those who don’t know, West is a prolific and top quality author of Horror fiction. I’m honored he would stop by and offer a story here for free.

    • Thank you for including me, Michael!
      Aside from Nighty Nightmare and reviews, my peers don’t often read anything other than poetry by me. 😊
      Lots of ❤ and warm hugs, my dear friend 😊

    • Thanks for adding a story. I’ll be doing this again this Halloween 2016. Hope you’ll join us then. Its when we get the most readings of these stories. Happy to say the final page had over 1,000 views!

      • Happy to be a part of anything that helps get the work of little guys, like me, out there for people to enjoy. Thanks for creating the opportunity!

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