Vintage Halloween songs for your Halloween get-togethers

Sick of hearing Thriller, Monster Mash and the Ghost Busters Theme on Halloween?

Here’s some alternate music choices to listen to while your playing some of your favorite Halloween Games.

I chose these songs because they are great for mixed company, kids, parents, grandparents, all ages. Nothing too strong or loud here 🙂

Louis Armstrong – Spooks (1954)

The Boogie Woogie Man – Glen Gray and his Orchestra (1940)

Bogey Wail – Jack Hylton and his Orchestra (1929)

Mary Ann McCall – You’ve Got Me Voodoo’d (1940)

Mad Witch – Dave Gardner (1957)

If you prefer something more rockin’ check out my picks for last year, 13 Frightful Tunes for a Rockin’ Halloween

Just for fun, check out this Vintage Halloween Cartoon, The Skeleton Dance

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