Submissions now open for fall/winter 2015

Attention all writers! Nate over at Cemetery Tomes is looking for a few good short stories with Gothic flavor. Currently open to submissions, check it out…


reapers infernum b

Submissions now open for fall/winter 2015

We are looking for Gothic horror stories (preferably ghost stories) that correspond to the following holidays and yearly events, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Winter and Valentine’s Day. We will be posting only one story for each subject. We are also seeking a Gothic horror poems for Winter and Valentine‘s Day.

As we find the tale for each subject we will discontinue taking submissions for that one event. So, as of Dec. 1st, we ask that you first inquire about each subject. You can include a brief 3 to 10 sentence synopsis about your story or story idea in the email. If we like the idea and the subject is still open, we will ask you to send the submission. Please read the submissions page for further info about what we look for.

So, to recap,
*open submission through Nov. 2015
*Dec. 1st on, inquire…

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