4 Years blogging! Hey folks, Parlor of Horror is 4 Years Old!


Okay everyone, this is my 4 year bloggiversary.

I want to thank all of you, my followers, for keeping me going. It’s your likes, your comments, and your input that make this interesting. It’s your posts that I find interesting, it’s how different bloggers see things their own way. I see different opinions about the same film or book as a good thing. How boring life would be if we all had the same opinions about everything.

Most of all, I like content. Other social platforms are self absorbed–the person is the content. It’s dirty laundry and braggarts that drive these otherscary clown balloon platforms. On a blog it’s different. Bloggers have to write, use their own creativity to share an opinion in a thought-provoking manner and creative way.

I am not the content. My life is not that interesting. Having lunch at Applebee’s is NOT interesting content for me, and it shouldn’t be for you. Facebook, which I had joined earlier this year, is filled with personal pics of people doing mundane tasks and waiting for likes as if they have done something special. So I prefer blogs to other social platforms.

I also understand what I do here is more like an entertainment review site and not an actual blog. It’s not really the original purpose or format of a true blog. I’m not tracking my progress on a project or mission. When I think of a true blog, Captain Kirk comes to mind.


My blogging update

I’m currently getting between 850 – 1250 hits a day.
All time, I have 404 thousand hits , that’s 100 thousand hits per year average.
But in reality, it is like a 2k the first year, 10k the second year, 100k the third year, and 350k (+) the 4th year.
Most of the hits are for the older movies I review. I don’t get a lot of hits for new films I review. The posts that get the most hits are ones that you can’t find much anywhere else. My Halloween free flash fiction post was a big hit this year and I intend to do it every year. It seems people are more inclined to read a good horror story around Halloween. I also get a good amount of hits on my Strange But True subjects.

I don’t accept any freebees from companies, studios, authors, etc. I buy what I want and review it with no strings attached. I don’t feel any obligation to review anything and even worse, don’t feel the need to review something because I will be pulled from a studio’s mailing list and not get freebees in the future. So, everything you read here is truthfully how I feel with no influence from the source. I think that is a good thing.



I want to give a shout out to my recent Top Commenters:









I am glad that my work is sometimes acknowledged.
Some of my giant monster film reviews are linked to from Kaiju.wikidot.com

And the wikipedia page for Thomas Ligotti’s Teatro Grottesco has a quote from my review on it.

It’s small things that mean a great deal to me.


Anyway, thanks for tuning in, reading and exchanging ideas and opinions. Hope to continue doing this little blog for the foreseeable future. 

13 thoughts on “4 Years blogging! Hey folks, Parlor of Horror is 4 Years Old!

  1. Happy 4th Anniversary! Your blog is a great, always enjoying visiting it and reading your reviews so much. Thank you for including my blog in your shoutout as well, very kind of you. Wishing Parlour of Horror a very happy 4th birthday, here’s to another great yeat!

  2. Congratulations, that is a seriously impressive milestone, particularly from the perspective of someone like myself who has been at this blogging thing for a mere 4 months 🙂

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