Valentine’s Love! TV Crushes!


Valentine’s Love! TV Crushes!

I’m sure many of us at a young age had crushes on famous TV personalities. Between the ages of 10 and 15 many youngsters saw someone from the opposite sex on TV on a regular basis, (or perhaps the same sex) that made their heart flutter or their palms sweaty. The weekly shows helped a young persons pre-teen crush to grow.

Here’s mine, who’s yours?

TV Shows:


Diana aka: Wonder Woman



I Dream of Jeanie – Jeanie

Barbara Eden -pic 13


Penny – Lost in Space

Angela Cartwright - Lost in Space- Pic 2

So here are some of my first crushes from my youth. I’m sure, they are showing my age.

Send me your secret crushes, I’ll post a pic, a quote and a link to your blog. Or you can just post the same in the comments 🙂


This could be a bit embarrassing, revealing your inner feelings. But I’d like to thank Vinnieh for being the 1st to step forward. I should have given more time for this post but I will continue to post your input for the coming week if you choose to send me your Secret TV Crush choices.


Vinnieh’s first Television Show crush was none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’d say this is true for many who grew up in that generation. Thanks for sharing Vinnieh. Check out Vinnieh’s blog



Here’s 2 choices for Zoe, and while I can’t speak for woman audiences, I’m sure there’s many who will agree with these choices. Check out Zoe’s blog: The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger 

Dean-Winchester from Supernatural Eric Northman from True Blood

Dean Winchester from Supernatural and Eric Northman from True Blood…


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Love! TV Crushes!

  1. Oh, there truly are some delicious people on TV! Too many! Okay, okay, I will pick two quick ones from things I have watched recently. Dean Winchester in Supernatural is a big winner. Eric Northman in True Blood, too (seriously, him and Pam were the only reasons to watch that ludicrous show, and she was super sexy, too).

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