The Remake Scoreboard / Killers On The Loose

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I have some important ‘life’ things to deal with this week so I’m doing a little recycling. Before You read the post however, I have a couple of things to think about…

Why are cell phone plans so convoluted that the workers don’t even know what it’s going to cost you when you make a change? I don’t want to mention any names, so let’s just call them company V. The last time a worker from Co. V told me they were gonna save me money, it wound up costing me an extra $30. Per month.

Would you pay $65 more for an I-phone if Apple brought almost a million jobs back to the US? They say this is the reason they can’t make their products in the US, the place they make most of their money and are afforded the biggest tax breaks.

Ok, now on to our horror flicks!

parlor of horror

The Remake Scoreboard – Horror movie remakes – the good and bad list. Thumbs up or thumbs down and a few sentences why.

Remakes: Killers On The Loose

Black Christmas (remake) (2006)
(original 1974)

The original film portrayed a creepy and suspenseful thriller that built to a nail biting climax. Likeable characters were harassed by an eerie voice on the phone and were dispatched, one by one, in the most extremely unpleasant methods imaginable. The new one is a closely scripted remake but fails to capture the atmosphere, intensity, and character likeability that make the original so good. About half way through the film I was completely disengaged from the story and just wished everyone would DIE already, because I was bored to tears!

When a Stranger Calls (remake) (2006)
(original 1979)

Aside from the ‘he’s in the house’ scene, this remake has a totally different script. The…

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