Here is my interview with Michael Thomas-Knight

Here’s a new interview with me where I discuss my writing, my upbringing, my thoughts and ideas of horror…plus an excerpt from Skin Job! Thanks Fiona, for this wonderful opportunity to express myself 🙂


Name – Michael Thomas-Knight

Age – 53

Where are you from?

I was raised in Queens, NY…in Astoria and Queens Village. When I was 10 our family moved to Nassau County, Long Island (the suburbs) into a rumoured haunted house. Nobody had lived in the home for 25 years after the previous owner reportedly hung himself in the house. We had some strange experiences there, but that’s a long story. When I was 13, my childhood babysitter was shot by Son of Sam. It was a frightening thing to have happened so close to home. I imagine that some of these strange events in my upbringing would lead me to write horror someday.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

My first novelette is being released by Pleasant Storm Entertainment. It’s called Skin Job. It is part of a themed series in Terry M. West’s Car Nex mythos. Skin Job is…

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