Mexico Barbaro (2014) – movie review

mexico barbaro - pic 1

Mexico Barbaro (2015)

It’s a gruesome, gorefest!mexico-barbaro poster

Several horror shorts by Mexican directors are collected here with mixed yet overall good results. We have drug-lord murders, sacrificial slayings, witchcraft and rituals in this gruesome horror anthology. All the stories are told with Mexican folklore as the framework. An investigation into gangland executions sets the tone for the shorts that are about to follow. Two thieves hide out in an abandoned building complex in the countryside, where they see strange visions. Soon it’s difficult to tell what is real and what is deadly in this trippy-headed haunt (my fave story of the lot). Next, a young lady’s chance encounter with a dead body begins a terrifying chain of events. A young couple looking to have their first romantic evening fall victim to a creepy creature haunting their country cabin. A young mother learns why she should listen when her daughter claims she’s seen the boogie-man in one of the gorier segments. And finally, we learn why we shouldn’t enter a strip club on The Day of the Dead in Mexico. All the stories relay a simple message, there is a price to pay for evil behavior. Some of the shorts are not what English audiences would expect from a film and feel almost like vignettes rather than complete stories. Despite the serious theme and varied accomplishment of the eight collected films, overall it’s a gory fun flick to watch. Not for the queasy, you’ve been gore-warned.

A violent, gory and nasty anthology from south of the border that ties in Mexican folklore.

I give it 3.0 nasty, gory, gutted, slayings out of 5 on the gruesome death scale!


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