Hotels from Hell – Horror in Hotels and Motels

Hotels from Hell – Horror in Hotels and Motels

It’s vacation season folks! or as some of the Europeans say, holiday! With all the slashers stalking and killing at campgrounds through the years, it would be much wiser and safer to stay at a hotel or motel. Oh, wait…I forgot about these lovely tales…


Horror in Hotels and Motels Movies:

Vacancy – 2007 – Cameras and snuff films, not a nice place to stay at all. Rather nasty! Sleep with one eye open.


Identity – 2003 – Find yourself running scared through the motel grounds on a stormy night? Maybe you’re not who you think you are…(To quote Arnold: “If I’m not me, then who am I?)


The Shining – 1980 –  “You’ve always been the caretaker here…” Nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to stay there…forever, and ever, and ever…


Psycho – 1960 – The original Motel Horror by the master of suspense. Just don’t take a shower during your stay.


Horror Hotel aka: City of the Dead – 1960 – What’s that chanting you hear? Just stay in your Hotel room and don’t go investigating, lest you wind up as a sacrifice in a witches’ coven.


1408 – 2007 -The room is F**king Evil. It plays with you, toys with you until you’re driven mad. Here’s the keys, have a pleasant stay.


Demon Knight – 1995 – A great place to park your caboose during a long ride through the desert. Just be wary of new guests, they are not who they seem to be.


Motel Hell – 1980 -Crazy owners, do not ask for room service. It gets them upset. Don’t eat the fritters, either.


Eaten Alive aka: Horror Hotel 1977 – Don’t ask the proprietor what he’s feeding that pet Gator of his. You don’t want to know. (you’ll find out soon enough). Directed by Tobe Hooper.


In the Mouth of Madness – 1995 On the third night the nice old woman behind the counter grows tentacles and the paintings on the walls come to life and eat your girlfriend. You wanted some excitement on vacation, didn’t you?


Hold That Ghost – 1941 – Abbott and Costello -“With one eye, watch that candle, with the other eye, watch the other candle, and with the other eye, watch me…Ch, Ch, Ch, Chuuuuck!”




And here’s a few books in the same subject matter:

The Shining by Stephen King

Deadfall Hotel by Steve Resnic Tem

Creepers by David Morrell

Chelsea Horror Hotel by Dee Dee Ramone

Have you read any good hotel/motel horror books? Seen any good hotel/motel movies? If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments…



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