Top Tips for bloggers – From the original Modern Blogger

kirk the first blogger

Top Tips for bloggers

From the universe’s first modern blogger, Captain Kirk

Captain’s Log, Star date ——

Sorry, Capt. Kirk could not make it today, he’s out saving the universe. Much like toilet paper, he’s circling Uranus looking for Klingons.


There’s a few things I’ve learned about blogging. I’m by no means an expert, but I think these are some common sense tips to follow if you’re in the blogging community. Check them out and leave some of your own tips below in the comments…

1) Put a link to your blog on your gravatar page. It is not connected to your blog unless you put the link onto the page yourself. Several times in the past I wanted to visit another bloggers site and clicked on their gravatars. It led me to the gravatar page which had no link to their blog. Now how do I find them? I can’t recall all the names of the several hundred blogs I follow.

2) Blogging is a two-way street. I read a couple of your items, you read a couple of mine. Put a ‘like’ up there to let me know you’ve been there and it reminds me to check out what you’ve been posting lately.

3) Make sure others can comment without having to sign into something different. Some sites ask if you want to sign in with Facebook or Google and I don’t mind that as I already have an account with them. However, if I have to create an account with a service I don’t know, I’m not going to do it and most people won’t either. Disqus sucks! They want to access you friends list, your email list, your other accounts, and they don’t let you finish the sign up unless you agree to all of these demands. They just keep asking questions, questions, questions… I quit before finishing my sign up. There’s no reason they should access my FB friends or personal email list! At least make you blog have the ability to leave a comment with a Facebook sign-in.

4) I know everyone wants to get their own domain name, make the name famous and then sell it for loads of money. However, when you switch to your own domain you run the risk of alienating the blog-friends you’ve already made in the blogging community. Quite often people have to re-follow you in order to see your posts. Sometimes your posts don’t show up in their feed. I don’t know why this happens, but it happens often. Secondly, when people sign into their wordpress or blogger or whatever other blog service they’re using, they should be able to comment and ‘like’ from there without having to sign in again (see item 3). Thirdly, make sure your settings allow people to post comments. There’s a blog I follow that when I try to leave a comment, it tells me ‘my comment appears to be spam.’ I’ve told the moderator about this already, but they insist it’s my problem. I follow 400 blogs, I’ll just go somewhere else. It’s really not my problem at all.

5) I’ve seen it happen over and over, a blog rising in popularity switches to their own domain, has the comments section switched to a form where you have to give tons of info every time you want to comment, and they remove themselves from the community they were in, to pursue a bigger audience. Then a few months later, instead of having 25 likes per post and 20 comments, it has nothing at all. No likes, no comments. They keep posting new posts, but there’s no engagement. Eventually the blog is abandoned. They thought they were going to be the next Rotten Tomatoes, but it didn’t happen. So, before you make changes, make sure your readers are engaged enough to follow you and make it easy for them to keep following you.

6) Have your email on your ‘about’ page or on a ‘contact’ page. There may be reasons other bloggers need to contact you. They may want to invite you to guest post or ask a question away from the public eye. They may want to tell you that your comments don’t work!

Hope you find some of these tips helpful. Leave some comments and tips below 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Top Tips for bloggers – From the original Modern Blogger

  1. Awesome tips! One I’d throw in there that is a little more posting related is to be consistent, but don’t feel like you have to update your page every single day.

    No matter what you’re blogging about, you’re likely to burn yourself out if you try to do so. Sure, if it is your job and you’re getting compensated, better post daily! But if not, you’ll wear yourself out. For the first few months when I started, I felt like I had to see every new release, but with a career, it just ain’t possible, and I’m OK with that. 🙂

    • Some people feel that’s a bit spamy, especially if it’s off topic. I often offer opportunities for bloggers to comment about subjects and its easy enough to click thru if they like what you’re saying. If someone I barely know does that on my FB page, they get the boot.

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