Summer Nights – horror culture and fun stuff!

Les Edwards art

Summertime miscellaneous horror culture and fun stuff!


Here’s some great summer reading…

Chad Lutzke – Of Foster Homes and Flies

Dona Fox – Darker Tales from the Den

Chad Lutzke - of foster homes and flies Darker Tales from the Den - Dona Fox


Interview with Clive Barker on

Clive Barker talks about his new book, The Scarlet Gospels, the final stand of Pinhead – who Barker prefers he be called The Hell Priest – and his attempt to restore some dignity and respect to his creation. Read about it here: Clive Barker Interview


Hey my fellow horror bloggers, you should all join the Horror Bloggers Guild on Face Book where we can talk shop, share ideas and post some of our blog post links…

Horror Bloggers Guild

And here’s some other horror blogs you should check out:



Look for the Keep Watching the Skies Blogathon this Sept. from The Cinematic Frontier. I’ll be participating. It runs from Sept. 26 thru the 28th. If you’d like to participate click the link or the logo to read the rules and submit your choice.

science fiction movies of the 1950s blogathon 02

ok, here’s some pics and thoughts…

dead lady
This pic creeps me out, the more I look at it the more it disturbs me…

eaten by dino news
Yes, this is a real news item in this paper… Weekly World News, gotta’ love it!

Jackie the lion MGM roar aka Lucky
filming the MGM trademark “Lion Roar” with Jackie the Lion…

she moon zombie ass
Her name is Sheri Moon Zombie…we can see why 🙂



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