Wacky Packages – parody sticker collectables – nostalgia

wacky packages creature crackers

Wacky Packages – parody sticker collectables

Wacky Packages or sometimes called ‘wacky packs’ were a Topps card and bubblegum line consisting of stickers which parodied many of the major brand products on the store shelves. The sticker line came out in 1972 with a highly successful run as kids in the US purchased and collected them for irreverent fun. I was among those collectors and had a good giggle over many of the joke product mock ups. There were some early wacky packs released as cards in the late 60’s but they didn’t sell as well as the stickers. They had a second run of the sticker series in 1980 and then they were recently resurrected in new series from 2004 to today, releasing a small number of stickers each year.

wacky packs 1970s - packages

Check out some of these horror themed packages, many of which I had in my collection when I was a kid.

5 thoughts on “Wacky Packages – parody sticker collectables – nostalgia

  1. I do remember these quite well and collected them when I was in elementary school, they were always worth a chuckle when I bought them from my local convenience store. Thank you for helping me relive a memory

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