Deathgasm (2015) – movie review, sort of…

deathgasm- pic 1

Deathgasm (2015)


Directed by Jason Lei Howden

Milo Cawthorne
Kimberely Crossman
Erroll Shand

 deathgasm - pic 01

And now the DEATHGASM checklist….


Loner dude

Demonic ritual hidden in lyrics to a song

Chainsaw Gore

Squirting Bloody Eye Sockets

Neck Squirters

War Paint

Hacked Off Limbs (47)

Weed Whacker PECKER Attacker

Religious Zealot Uncle

Blonde Metal Goddess Warrior

Dangerous DILDO

Chainsaw up the Ass (always wanted to see that)


Two dweeby death metal nerds

Guy dressed like PETER CRISS

Demonic cult looking to take over the world

Useless townsfolk, scream, horror,


 deathgasm - pic 8

Hole in the sky

Naked boobs

Electric naked boobs

4th BASE

Death and destruction…

deathgasm - pic 15 

Any questions?


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