Aurora Godzilla – MotM (Monsters of the Movies) Prototype – Model Kit

aurora3 godzilla prototype a godzMOTM

Aurora Godzilla – MotM (Monsters of the Movies) Prototype (1973-ish)

In the 1970’s Aurora was planning a second GODZILLA model kit under their Monsters of the Movies line. The kit was in design stages and complete prototypes were made.

There are a few images of the kit which look somewhat different from each other. The kit never went into production as Nabisco took over Aurora Model Kits and basically dismantled the company.

There was also some video/film of the making/sculpting of the project. Kudos to PHILSEP for finding/saving/posting this for fans of the old Aurora kits.

Well, needless to say, ever since getting a glimpse of this kit prototype, I’ve been obsessed with What if…?


So, I built my own rendition of the…


Godzilla MotM Prototype Rendition by Mike K - pic 2


I started with the standard Aurora/Polar Lights Godzilla kit. I modified the Godzilla body to resemble the Prototype kit. I made my own base from scratch emulating the MotM Prototype base.

Godzilla MotM Prototype Rendition by Mike K - pic 1

Polar Lights – Godzilla Form – modifications:

more robust body

reversal of forward moving leg and back moving leg

lengthened and extended arms – changed hands to hold tower pieces

Elongated and more animated tail

remolded eye brows/top of head/cheeks


Cult of PersonalityGodzilla wide jaw replacement

Cult of Personality Name Plate

Self-made name-plate holder – featuring trilobites and sea-plant

Godzilla - cult of personality nameplate - with custom holder by Mike K - pic 9


Godzilla MotM Prototype Base: full sculpt

Self-molded base copying shape from historical pics.


Tower Platform


Tower parts modified from N-scale Train accessories

Godzilla MotM Prototype Rendition by Mike K - pic 8


I assembled the city ruins from the original kit as a Universal Destroyed City background piece that can be used for any giant monster kit.

Godzilla custom universal background by Mike K - pic 1


I had a blast making this kit and have seen my sculpting skills get better with this project. I enjoyed putting my own ‘look’ on Godzilla’s head/face and making a more animated pose with his head twist, elongated tail and step. Now the kit is all primed and ready to paint, so be prepared for another post when the kit comes to life in full color.

8 thoughts on “Aurora Godzilla – MotM (Monsters of the Movies) Prototype – Model Kit

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  2. hi I was just looking around the net and saw your Godzilla copy
    nice job I had to look twice
    when I first saw the prototype I also wanted to have it and now I do
    I am philsep
    phil ceparano

    • hi
      if you are reading this you might know this modeler who made this look a like Godzilla passed away about 2 years ago very sad.
      I had emailed him in 2017
      telling him what a great job he did
      I was at a show in n.j.[2018] and on the table was that model with many other great nicely painted models for sale
      right away I asked who is the guy who did that Godzilla
      I was going to tell him face to face how much I loved what he did then I was told he passed away
      his wife was selling his built ups and than find out he only lived 4 miles away from me
      I wanted to buy that Godzilla but it was sold but still on the table
      I was lucky to get 10 other built ups of his
      I am writing this because I am thinking about him and how very very sad that is
      phil ceparano

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