“Car Nex: Skin Job By Michael Thomas-Knight”

I’m elated to get a review from Robbins Realm Blog, for my novelette, SKIN JOB. Robbins Realms, is a blog I’ve been following, reading and conversing with for many years. I really respect his opinion on all the subjects he writes about, film, fiction and entertainment. I am really pleased that he understood the dilemma my main character, ALEX and felt the dire circumstance of his life, which drove him into doing the wrong thing(s) in my story. Thanks for the awesome review 🙂

RobbinsRealm Blog

I was recently contacted by Michael Thomas-Knight from Parlor of Horror, which is a blog I follow on wordpress.com. He e-mailed me to inquire if I would be interested in writing a review of his novella, “Car Nex: Skin Job,” which was published on June 17, 2016 by Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc, in “The Car Nex Story Series Book 7.”  I was more than happy to oblige. Additionally, I would like to mention that Michael didn’t ask me to hold off my review if my opinion of his work wasn’t positive, as with several other blogger’s who have reviewed his novella, he was seeking, nothing more, than honest feedback.

CNSJ Pic 1

What if you were struggling financially? What are the lengths you would go to in order to rectify the situation? I am not talking about the common problems that most of us, during the course of our lives, have  experienced…

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