Aurora Godzilla – MotM Prototype (1973) – my custom rendition – Part II / painted


This is my fully painted kit modelled on the MotM prototype planned by Aurora before they went out of business. (more details here)


I was originally going to paint Godzilla in green tones but having the red and white Tokyo Tower made the whole kit start to look like Christmas themed colors. So I went with Gray tones for this one. I mounted it on a stained wood base for that extra classy treatment.


I decided to put a couple of flags out front as are usually present at local landmarks and parks.


I also made the small tank that was present in the original prototype. It came out decent enough 🙂


I was careful to get the eyes to have a 3d effect. It’s a new technique that I may use on certain kits from now on.


The nameplate is from Cult of Personality but I made a custom name plate holder with some sea plants and trilobites.


I took the buildings from the Aurora Godzilla kit base and made a universal background that can have many uses. Below are some pics from different angles.

 gorgo-with-universal-city-bg-pic-1 rodan-with-universal-city-bg-by-mike-k-pic-1

Here’s a pic with the bg. behind Rodan and Gorgo.

Parlor of Horror – monster model kits, by Mike K

You can also view my Gallery of kits

13 thoughts on “Aurora Godzilla – MotM Prototype (1973) – my custom rendition – Part II / painted

  1. Great paint work on this Godzilla prototype kit. Love how you did the base as well, it makes this model kit even my dynamic. Awesome work, been looking forward to seeing this kit once it was fully completed and painted! 🙂

      • Yep. I used to do that too – mostly cars and sci-fi kits. That’s why I like seeing it still alive and even better, not done for profit, but for plain ol’ enjoyment. Kudos on the color choice, btw. Green and Godzilla never seems to look “right” to me, even if it’s intentional, lol.

  2. hi
    even nicer painted
    are you in the U.S. I ask because I posted at about 830 pm but the post said 1 32 am just asking ?
    its 9 16 pm now

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