Attn: Writers and Authors – Best ‘Free Read’ on the Internet Horror Story event


Halloween Horror “Best Free Read” on the internet


The 2nd annual ‘Parlor of Horror’ Best ‘Free Read’ Halloween Horror Stories

1st place gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Attention all Horror Writers, authors, and story tellers…

Wordsmiths and spellbinders, Do you have a horror story on the web that people can read for their Halloween enjoyment?

Looking for stories where readers can click a link and go to read it right now!

We want readers to be able to click and read, no downloading, no signing up, no joining a newsletter. They click the link and have the story sitting there before them, ready to read. It doesn’t have to be about Halloween, but it must be a HORROR story; any Horror story will fit the bill.

The story can be on a free read web-site of your choice, a web zine, or it could be on your own blog or website. If you don’t have a story up on the internet, my buddy Nate at Cemetery Tomes said he will accommodate any story for the purpose of the Halloween Free Read.




The top stories will be named/awarded prior to Halloween. The event is taking place at my blog, Parlor of Horror. Post your story link in the comments below.

1st place gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Prize is awarded solely upon my judgment and the feeling I get from reading the stories. The winner announcement will occur when I post the master list of stories. (approx. 2 weeks before Halloween).




I’m inviting you to post the link to your story in the comments below so readers can enjoy the stories and capture the Halloween spirit. 

2 weeks before Halloween I will assemble another post (The official listing) with the Top Stories, honorable mentions, awards and all the stories in easy to ‘click and read’ links, for all of us to promote, reblog, share…

Rules and regulations:

*Only one story per author.

*Ideal story should be approximately 1,000 to 3,000 words. (actually, it can be as short as you want) Remember shorter is better on the web. (very loose on the word count; if it’s over that’s ok)

*No links to Amazon books or sites where they have to download, join, or put in emails.

To keep this simple and clean, only put – your name – story title – your link – in the comments. If you have anything else to comment about, put it in a separate comment.

This has to be a totally FREE read.

(naturally the story must be (c) yours and (c) (p) available to be shared on a public site without any conflict of previous publishing contracts)


*******PLEASE READ*******

THERE WILL BE A CUT OFF FOR STORIES that I will promote in a second post before Halloween. Have your links posted by SUNDAY, OCT. 16th.The master post will most likely go up during the week after the 16th. The cut off will be Oct. 16th or the 31st story, whichever comes first.




If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up immediately I will approve it by the next day…

Hosted by Parlor of Horror

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