Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 2 – RIP Pablo…

 Ash Vs Evil Dead, Season 2 – RIP Pablo…


If any of you have been watching Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 2, we were treated to some very wonderful surprises this season such as, Lee Majors playing Ash’s Dad, Brock Williams, and Sam Raimi’s brother, Ted Raimi, playing Ash’s best friend, Chet. We also had Ash’s sister Cheryl return, played by the original actress, Ellen Sandweiss, who appears in (almost) the same make-up as the original ED movie!




However, we’ve also seen one of the members of the demon fighting force, the character Pablo, played by Ray Santiago, die in last week’s episode. We’ll miss you Pablo…you were the real Effay!

Ray Santiago as Pablo

Ray Santiago as Pablo

BTW, Season one is now out on DVD/Blu-Ray. If you are a fan of the Evil Dead movies, the show is well worth your viewing!



all photos courtesy of Starz

5 thoughts on “Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 2 – RIP Pablo…

  1. My husband and I are thinking they’re gonna bring him back somehow. I have to admit he’s not my favorite character and Bruce Campbell is, (still) in his late 50s, easier on the eyes. My husband says it’s “too good to be true” (though please do not judge him based on that comment, he’s a sweet guy but Pablo just rubs him the wrong way for some reason) that he’s gone. Thinking he’ll be back by the end of season 2 (or the very last shot of S2 will be some hint of him returning, possibly in another–temporarily evil–form.

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