Homer Tate – Americana Art – Roadside Show Attraction Items

Fall is a great time for a road trip. The autumn leaves, the apple and pumpkin farms, and the roadside attractions…


Homer Tate – Americana Art – Roadside Show Attraction Items

Homer Tate was at one time the top supplier for Roadside Stop and Side-Show attraction items. Stationed in Apache Junction, Arizona, ‘Tate’s Curiosity Shop’ supplied attractions with odd items and shrunken heads delivering them across the US. Tate created and built all the items himself. Real Borneo or Jivaro shrunken heads were illegal to own in the US, so Tate had a generous selection of hand crafted replica’s to display at roadside attractions and side shows. Homer Tate was born in 1884 and passed away in 1975. I believe he was an artist in his own right that entertained generations of road trip families for many years. This is a tribute to his work and art.


Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s our family made many road trips as the car became the vacation getaway mode of transportation. I remember seeing shrunken heads and small mummies in different places we would stop. I’m sure some of them were creations by Tate. There was a place in upstate NY called Mystery Spot Park that I recall visiting with my family.

american-pickers-made-in-usa wolf-boy-by-tate

One of his more famous items, the Wolf Boy was found and featured on American Picker’s TV Show on History Channel. (Season 6, episode 2).

All photos are (c) their respective owners, shown here for the purpose of education and information. Some of these photos were found at http://www.sideshowworld.com which doesn’t look like it has been updated for many years.

Attn: Horror fans – Horror Things from around the web and world…

tim burton and V Price

Attn: Horror fans – Horror Things from around the web and world…


Want to read some of the great classic stories and authors? check ou the selection from: http://ebookfriendly.com/free-horror-stories/

(I’d like to credit Tim Prasil for making the Poe giphy)


SUBCUTANEOUS MAGAZINE –  I think this is THE BEST NEW HORROR MAGAZINE to come out in a while. Great stories, art, articles, It’s fantastic. Check it out. You can read it online or download the .pdf http://www.subqmag.com/


The Fly 1986 - Jeff Goldblum

THE FLY 1986 – This is a MUST READ Awesome article pertaining to The BrundleFly from MONSTER LEGACY – The Fly 1986 https://monsterlegacy.net/2016/08/15/brundlefly/

Even in the heat and aftermath of Shin Godzilla…


It looks like GODZILLA is finally going to get a royal respectable anime movie in 2017. We need a translator…

This has to be one of the best read LOVECRAFT story collections I’ve heard. Narrated by Ian Gordon. Listen to your favorite Lovecraft stories or find one you’ve not read:

lovecraft and phelps comparison

I’m sure you’ve seen the resemblance of Phelps and Lovecraft in these side by side pics. Wonder why Phelps is such a good swimmer? Perhaps fleeing underwater monsters in another life?

Monster Zero

WOW – Godzilla posters for great prices!!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/johnbellottijr?ref=hdr_shop_menu#_=_
I purchased this one already!

Buckethead MUSIC video using animation FROM the famous Hermoinyous Bosch painting. Great Stuff!

and last but not least, here’s a few collectables I may pic up when they are released later this month…

18JMB08_Jupiter-II-Mini 17RMB03_Lost-In-Space-Robot-Mini



The World’s Most Evil Books – in movies and real life

The World’s Most Evil Books – in movies and real life

book of shadows

For conjuring, spells, invocations and summoning the dark powers and Demonic entities

Books for summoning dark powers, entities, and magicks are often called Grimoires. These Grimoires were often collections of incantations and spells that practitioners accumulated in their travels, rewritten in an orderly fashion. Some were more intensive studies by monks, Satanists and sorcerers interested in the dark arts and attempting to unlock the secrets of death and the great beyond. Here’s a brief look at some of the most powerful dark arts books in the world.


The Black Pullet – 1700s

This book from 18th century Rome gives instructions and guides on creating and using Talismans. The magic of the rings is known to bring forth a multitude of extraordinary powers of protection, healing, and spellbinding. One such ceremony concerns producing the Black Pullet, known as the Hen with Golden Eggs, to build wealth and fortune.

Grand Grimoire - Cover

The Red Dragon aka: The Grande Grimoire – 1500’s

Presumed to have been dated back to the 1500’s this book is a prized source of black magic and demonic invocation. It is believed to have been transcribed from original writings of King Solomon, known to be a master of spells, rituals and pacts with evil.

Malleus Maleficarum

Malleus Maleficarum – 1486

aka: De Hexenhammer (German) / Hammer of the Witches (English) This famous book is a legal treatise on the hunting, detection and persecution of witches. Written in 1486 by Heinrich Kramer after he had been given full papal approval for Inquisition and prosecution of witches in 1484. Part of it is a guide on the rules and methods of conducting a witchcraft trial, including accusations, tortured interrogation and proving witches guilty. The book covers arguments against witchcraft and how to maintain that it is real, the powers of a witch and the demon’s recruiting strategies.


Liber Juratus – 1200’s

aka: The Grimoire of Honorius, is one of the oldest Grimoires known to man. It is said to have been created at a gathering of the world’s magicians and sorcerers for the expressed purpose of collecting all their knowledge into a single useful tool. This book of higher necromancy offers instruction on saving souls from purgatory, conjuring demons, casting spells and even powers of the church such as using angelic powers and seals. Its date of origin is unknown but can be traced as far back as medieval times in the 13th century.


The Handbook of Ritual Power – An Ancient Egyptian Book of Spells – 700 AD

This is a 1,300-year-old book of bound parchment papers describing spells to accomplish many things including, controlling a person or freeing oneself from possession. It is written in Coptic and dialect points to its origins in the ancient cities of Ashmunein and Hermopolis. It could have been a rewriting and transitional documents of Sethian spells. It’s currently housed at the Macquarie University Museum in Australia.

necronomicon art

The Necronomicon – 1929

The Necronomicon was a fictional book created by HP Lovecraft in his story The Hound. It showed up in several other stories by himself and others after its first appearance and was described as written by The Mad Arab. It was not the book bound in human flesh as many people think. Although fictional, The Necronomicon was later the title of a “real” book of spells described as the Simon Necronomicon. The Simon Necronomicon is a two-part book. The first part is of how the editor, only known by the name Simon, came into possession of the book and his work to translate the book. It’s followed by the book of spells and identifiers. It claims to be able to summon entities to do your bidding or to ward off evil. The rituals are a mix of cultures including some Babylonian creation stories and Sumerian rituals.

Necronomicon Ex-mortis - Evil Dead

The Naturom Demonto – aka: The Necronomicon Ex-mortis – 1980

This is the fictional book that appeared in the Evil Dead films. It is purportedly written by The Dark Ones, who were banished into the Mirror Dimension, as a tool to release the Dark entities. This is the book that is described as bound in human flesh creating confusion and making people think that Lovecraft’s Necronomicon was also bound in human flesh.

tibetan book of the dead

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is meant as a guide for Buddhists when they die and enter the Bardo, the hell-like place that exists between life and death. The text also includes the Signs of Death, and rituals to perform when death is near, in order to help the dying in the afterworld.

The black pullet - talismans

The Book of Shadows – 1940’s

The Book of Shadows contains rituals and ceremonies for the Wiccan Neopagan religion. It was created in the late 1940’s by Gerald Gardener and used in his Bricket Wood Coven. Originally he had tried to keep the contents of the book a secret but with the expansion of the religion in the 1970’s and adaptations by Alexandrianism it soon became publically used by solitary practitioners and the demand for it led to published copies. The book had become popular after its usage in the TV show Charmed and other film references but the spells and rituals in the show never adhered to the content of the real book.


The Hecate Scriptures – 1206 AD

My first discovery of this book was during research in my Theology class in college. I had taken notes on this book only to find at later dates the information gone. This book had instruction on how to use magic, spells and conjuring.  Also, the book supposedly disseminates the laws and rules of Hell itself. It has instruction on binding, conjuring and commanding evil entities and lists known demons of the time.


What you’re looking at here is my research notes for my story, Skin Job. I will often do in-depth studies to gain an understanding about what I’m writing in my tales. I wanted to make sure the actions in the story were consistent with the rituals and outcomes from interactions with these sacred texts. It was interesting study to find out about these books and the ceremonies contained within them.

In my story, Skin Job, Alex uses a conjuring spell also known as an invocation, to call forth the ‘Car Nex’ demon. The book is unnamed with no markings upon its cover. It could very well be one of the books I’ve mentioned here. The book also has power in of itself as it possesses Alex and haunts his dreams until he can’t resist using it. The book torments him until its powers of darkness are unleashed.

Walpurgis Night, April 30th – a brief overview

witches coven

Walpurgis Night, April 30th

Walpurgis Night is the biggest holiday in the witches and sorcerers calendar, even bigger than All Hallows Eve. It is at the time when magic is at its strongest. There are numerous celebrations that take place on this night in the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Estonia. The celebrations and gatherings (covens) reinforce and strengthen any spells, incantations and conjuring being executed. It is also known as one of those ‘between times,’ where it’s not yet spring and no longer winter. Along with the ‘between times’ is a belief that the veil between living and dead are the most thin and the spirit world is close at hand for beckoning, divination and to be put to use.

The biggest celebration and gathering is on the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains, a group of hills in central Germany near the Weser River. In most of the celebrations, huge bonfires are lit and revelry continues into the morning hours.

walpurgisnatch pic 7

Gallery of Witchcraft art and photos through the ages. Not reflective of wiccans or modern witch lifestyles.

Horror Movie Poster art – Postcard Collection- Part II

movie poster art - collection - 60s - 80s 13

Horror Movie Poster art – Postcard Collection- Part II

From my personal collection – post card sized replications of all the famous classic films I love
The middle era horror films, 1960’s to 1980s, plus some non-horror flicks:


1960’s horror, sci fi and other!

1970’s and 1980s horror and sci-fi

My Clint Eastwood poster repros:

movie poster art - collection - 60s - 80s 2


Horror Movie Poster art – Postcard Collection- Part I

Classic movie monsters stamps & postcards 6

Horror Movie Poster Art – post cards (and Sci-fi, too!)

Let me explain,
I collected about a dozen classic horror movie posters including, Bride of Frankenstein, King Kong, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and The Curse of the Werewolf. They range in size from 11 x 17″ to 24 x 28.” However, I soon discovered I will never have enough room to display them.
bride poster

That was when I discovered post-card sized replications of all the famous classic film movie posters. I keep them in a book in plastic sleeves. Along with the Universal Monsters Stamps and post cards from various museums and historical sites, plus Art, Americana, and movie stars, I have over 200 post cards in my collection.
I’d like to share some of these post cards with you.
Creature Features and early horror films:
Here’s my book. It’s a loose-leaf binder with photo sleeves. It holds 4 cards per page (2 front, 2 back).
movie poster art - my collection - Mike K movie poster art - collection - classics photo 7
Universal and Classics:


 1950’s Sci Fi and horror:


US Postal Service Universal Monsters Commemorative Stamps and Post Cards:



More to come…



Old Style/Vintage Haunted House Attractions and Rides

Haunted House Spook Show Rides a

Haunted House and Spook Show Rides thru the years…

Take a stroll with me, won’t you? We travel back 30 maybe 40 years and find ourselves at an Amusement park.

Walking up the midway, you can hear its ghoulish moans, sinister laughs and ear-piercing screams. Standing on line, the haunted house has skeletons, ghosts, and nasty creatures, eyeing you down from their towering perches. The doors at the far end of the attraction bust opened and a car full of screaming youngsters burst out into the open air. The attendant opens the chain and let’s you into the staging area. You pick the blue car and sit in the front so you won’t miss a moment. The car jolts forward on the tracks and smashes the entry doors opened. You are plunged into darkness. Will you keep your eyes closed or will you witness the many horrors this ride has in store for you?


Haunted House and Spook Show Rides
Greeters –
many have a ghoul that greets you at the entrance. Many of these nasty night-crawlers speak and dare you to take a ride through their home.

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - greeters 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - greeters 2


Mastheads – many have a large gargoyle-like creature to capture your eye from a distance. The closer you get to the ride the more it’s evil presence looms over you…

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - mastheads 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - mastheads - coney island

The Cars – the transportation ranges from train-like sets of seats to single seat enclosures, but the standard is the two-seater which rides along a metal rail.

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - cars - 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - cars - 3


Entry – the ride often starts with a jolt and immediately goes through push doors. Following that there is often an illusion of going down into the pits of hell using a perspective art design.

Haunted House Spook Show Rides - entry 1 Haunted House Spook Show Rides - entry 2


spook house ghost Haunted House Spook Show Rides - scenes 2

Displays, horrors, and gags – blasts of air hit you for a surprise, hanging wool or fabrics simulate bugs touching your head, sudden turns happen when it looks like your car is surely going to crash. Mechanical skeletons pop up on all sides from seemingly quiet areas. The ride will often have several rooms with a horrific scene being played out. Glow in the dark paint will guide your way through dark corridors and before you know it, there’s that last jump scare right before you go crashing through the exit doors with a scream.


spook house clown

Gallery of Ghouls and Ghostly Houses

Haunted House Spook Show Rides 5

Vintage Horror Board Games

monster mansion game

Vintage Horror Board Games

Here are some Vintage horror board games that you may have played on Halloween in the past. I also have some newer games (still available) in the 2nd gallery for this year’s family fun!

Do these bring back some memories? Let me know which ones you remember and have played.

And here’s some new games (and more recent games) you can most likely still purchase in time for Halloween 🙂

Love The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly game!


Dragula at the yearly fall car show – local haunts

car show 021 c

Local Car Show – I attended the yearly car show at Eisenhower Park, NY, and was surprised at the automobiles that appealed to my horror/sci-fi/super-hero tastes.

munsters sign

The highlights were the two Munster cars:

The Munster Koach

car show 009 b



car show 007 b
Eddie Munster (now in his 60s) and Marilyn (now in her 70s (?) were at the event signing autographs, taking pictures and talking about the TV show.

The Batmobile looked magnificent in person. Despite the overcast day it shined like black glass.

car show 019 b

We saw the Ghost Busters ambulance vehicle.

car show 028 b

And the horror hearse that makes its rounds during the Halloween season.

car show 022 b

We have the time machine Delorean from Back to the Future.

car show 016 b

The Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit and Sheriff’s car were on hand.

car show 006 b

And this Air Force inspired gem.

car show 037 b

I love the old Chevy’s (55 Bel Aire) and the Custom Hot Rods. I had a great time taking pics and seeing cars from throughout the different decades

car show 025 b car show 031