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Here’s my Gallery of model kits. Most are vintage kits or reissues from kits I had in my childhood. I have built all of these in the past few years. Some I had purchased used and had refurbished them. Some I have customized to my own likes. They include kits by Aurora, ATM, Revell, Monogram, Bandai, Fundimensions, Air Fix, Pyro, Tamiya, Polar Lights, Monarch, and Mobeus.

They include series such as: Aurora Monsters, Aurora Prehistoric Scenes, Monsters of the Movies, Monster Rods, and Gigantics. Most have an original blog post that describes the building and painting process. Click the Monster Model Kits link in Categories on the right for more information.

Be sure to check out great views and info about some of these kits on my Youtube Channel where I’m known as Mike K

My Latest Builds 2016:

Mummys (2 different ones) and a custom Gigantics Ant


Godzilla and dinosaur attack scene


Godzilla and Kaiju Kits: 

Monster Kits: 

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Kits: 

 More Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Kits: 


King Kong kits:


Other Giant Monsters:


Retro Dinosaur Kits: 

I welcome questions about my builds, modifications/alterations, or model kits in general. I’m happy to meet fellow fans and hobbyists of these kits.

The Dire Wolf below is an add-on kit for the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes line. I didn’t build the kit myself. It was the product display kit for Primeval Plastics and was built/painted by Steve Ross. I recently purchased it for my collection.


The Parts Pit Vintage Model Parts Trading Post – Facebook page


The Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Society on Facebook –


My Model kits article on
To Own A Monster – Aurora Monster Model Kits 

Be sure to check out great views and info about some of these kits on my Youtube Channelwhere I’m known as Mike K

My review of The Aurora Monsters documentary film:

Thanks Steve, for using a quote from my “To Own a Monster” article from in his latest Universal Monsters Universe Post 🙂

Wonderful info about Aurora Model Kits on this fantastic site:

Check out some more great model kit builds and dioramas:

One Eff Geof’s Odd Creations

replacement parts for upgrading original and classic kits: 



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