Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 2 – RIP Pablo…

 Ash Vs Evil Dead, Season 2 – RIP Pablo…


If any of you have been watching Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 2, we were treated to some very wonderful surprises this season such as, Lee Majors playing Ash’s Dad, Brock Williams, and Sam Raimi’s brother, Ted Raimi, playing Ash’s best friend, Chet. We also had Ash’s sister Cheryl return, played by the original actress, Ellen Sandweiss, who appears in (almost) the same make-up as the original ED movie!




However, we’ve also seen one of the members of the demon fighting force, the character Pablo, played by Ray Santiago, die in last week’s episode. We’ll miss you Pablo…you were the real Effay!

Ray Santiago as Pablo

Ray Santiago as Pablo

BTW, Season one is now out on DVD/Blu-Ray. If you are a fan of the Evil Dead movies, the show is well worth your viewing!



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Groovy Baby! Ash vs Evil Dead, season 2, starts this Sunday!

Ash vs Evil Dead, season 2, starts this SINday! Oct. 2nd

Sunday Oct. 2nd. Season 2 begins of what could be my favorite Horror TV show of all time. Why my favorite?

More cussing, more gore, more naughty tid-bits and more Motorhead songs than any other TV series ever made! Plus Ash is a character that is a lot of fun to watch 🙂

Don’t believe me? Just watch this trailer:

Ash Vs Evil Dead – Sunday Oct. 2nd on Starz Channel!

Ash Williams, Bronx native Pablo, and Kelly are back to fight the evil hordes of Deadites with special guests like Lucy Lawless as Ruby, helping out whenever possible!

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Ash vs Evil Dead – a quick overview


Ash vs Evil Dead

So on Halloween night we watched the premiere episode of the new Starz channel series, Ash vs Evil Dead.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are up to their old tricks. And all I have say is:

Ash vs Evil Dead = AWESOME

The bizarre camera movements, old style make-up effects, plenty of gory deaths (decapitations, exploding heads, etc.), all the campy comical aspects and Ash’ s snarky one-liners – everything a fan of the original films would want was evident in this first episode. Look forward to an exciting season!

Trailer has some spoilers:

Theme song: