Horror Art – Famous Monsters – cover art

Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine –  cover art

Famous Monsters of Filmland, created by Forest Ackerman, often featured painted portraits or painted scenes from films for their cover art. Sometimes they were the films poster art but often they were contracted for FM specifically. Most were painted by artist, Basil Gogas. Many of these paintings later became the vhs box or dvd/blu-ray cover art for the films themselves. This magazine was my introduction to horror movies. Many issues had the behind-the-scenes look at horror films and their special effects. But it was the vibrant covers that first caught my eye.

FM pic 3 fm pic 8 fm pic 13
fm pic 7 fm pic 6 fm pic 5

fm pic 4 FM pic 1 fm pic 9

Monsters of the Movies soon followed in FMs footprints but would never reach the popularity of Forest Ackerman’s publication and only lasted for 8 issues.
mm pic 2 mm pic 5 mm pic 3

I currently own the following issues in my collection:

my fm pic 1 my fm pic 2 my fm pic 4
The King Kong and Godzilla issues of FM are my fave. I purchased them when they came out and had saved them for many years, but they got damaged. So I repurchased them within the last 10 years from another collector. Now they are in plastic and out on a magazine display rack I have in my work room.
my fm pic 3 mm pic 1 mm pic 2
The Mummy art on Monsters of the Movies is awesome. Click pic to see a larger view.

I have a few more on my list to purchase, I’ll do an update in the future.