Dragula at the yearly fall car show – local haunts

car show 021 c

Local Car Show – I attended the yearly car show at Eisenhower Park, NY, and was surprised at the automobiles that appealed to my horror/sci-fi/super-hero tastes.

munsters sign

The highlights were the two Munster cars:

The Munster Koach

car show 009 b



car show 007 b
Eddie Munster (now in his 60s) and Marilyn (now in her 70s (?) were at the event signing autographs, taking pictures and talking about the TV show.

The Batmobile looked magnificent in person. Despite the overcast day it shined like black glass.

car show 019 b

We saw the Ghost Busters ambulance vehicle.

car show 028 b

And the horror hearse that makes its rounds during the Halloween season.

car show 022 b

We have the time machine Delorean from Back to the Future.

car show 016 b

The Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit and Sheriff’s car were on hand.

car show 006 b

And this Air Force inspired gem.

car show 037 b

I love the old Chevy’s (55 Bel Aire) and the Custom Hot Rods. I had a great time taking pics and seeing cars from throughout the different decades

car show 025 b car show 031