The Best of 2014

The Best of 2014

And here we have it, the long awaited list of best horror and sci-fi entertainment for the year!

This was a damn good year for horror and sci-fi films, much better than last year where I was hard pressed to come up with three that I really liked. The best thing about doing these year end reviews is I get a chance to ruminate on films I’d seen earlier in the year and get a better feel for which ones had the most impact and which ones are not as impressive after a few months have passed.

Best Horror
Rigor-Mortis-poster witchin and bitchin poster 2 WER Poster

Rigor Mortis – 2014
Witchin’ and Bitchin’ – 2013/2014
Wer – 2013/2014

Honorable mention:
deliver us from evil 2014 poster

Deliver Us From Evil  (2014) This got extra points from me because it’s set in NYC

Best Action/sci-fi

dawn-of-the-planet-of-the-apes poster GOTG-poster Godzilla_(2014)_poster

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy – 2014 – Review at Tim The Film Guy
Godzilla – 2014

Honorable mention:
The World’s End (2013) –  Should’ve been on last year’s list but didn’t see it until this year.

Best Books

The Narrows - Ronald Malfi what price gory - terry m west throttle knidle book cover the-spectral-link-thomas-ligotti
The Narrows – Ronald Malfi
What Price Gory – Terry M. West
Throttle – Stephen King/ Joe Hill
The Spectral Link – Thomas Ligotti

Biggest disappointment:
Doctor Sleep – while I may accept this as a good read at some later point in time (after a reread) it was so different than what I had hoped for it was difficult for me to get thru it.


Best new Horror Toys of 2014

Monster 500 cars – these are matchbox style cars with oversized monster drivers at the wheel. They have wonderful tittles such as, Werewolf Blitzer, Captain Heinous (from Uranus), and Flat-Top Frank.

Monster 500 cars b

The Inhuman Squishy Zombie
This figure has squishy brains and guts that you can poke and pull. You can dissect him and put him back together for hours of fun and wholesome entertainment. This was a Target exclusive and I don’t imagine it being available for too long.

squishy zombie 157 squishy zombie 161


My favorite captions – I’ve been putting semi-humorous captions with pics in most of my posts this year.  You usually can’t see them unless you scroll over or click into the photo gallery. Here’s some of my fave captions from the past year…

from The Lost World (1955) review:

I’m not a damn Brontosaurus!

from Beach Girls and the Monster