My Two Year Bloggiversary! Thanks to my co-bloggers!

My Two Year Bloggiversary! Thanks to my co-bloggers!

December 9th. Its been 2 years since I started this blog I’m glad I have met so many fellow bloggers and shared opinions about horror films, books, and art. I feel like we’ve gone through this time together and wish that we could one day all get together, have a drink and ‘shoot the breeze.’

From the beginning I didn’t want this to be just about horror films. So I hope you all enjoy some of the other items I post here, including the model-kits, magazines I collect, horror art, book reviews and my ‘strange but true’ articles. Once again thank you all for reading.

If you want to see my very first post on Dec. 13th, click here: The Remake Scoreboard – Horror Icons

I have a couple of questions for my fellow bloggers:

1) How do you read new blog posts from people you already follow?

Now that I’m following over 300 bloggers, I find it harder to keep up with some posts and sometimes miss some good ones. I usually go through the reader and find the ones I want to read but don’t always see everything, especially when I haven’t been on for a few days. I also look at listed posts in the email notification when someone comments on my blog. I turned off my weekly email notifications because my inbox was overflowing.

2) Do you delete subscriptions of bloggers that never reciprocate and visit your Blog?

It seems that some bloggers ‘like’ a few of your posts then after you follow them, they never visit your blog again. I have un-followed some blogs because of this. I feel this is a community and I like to read other’s posts and hear other’s opinions on my posts. I usually follow bloggers because I like something about the way they write, the films they review, and the posts they publish. However, if it’s a one-way street, I will delete – there are a million opinions on the internet, I’ll read someone else’s. I follow over 300 blogs but only have 200 followers, perhaps its time to clean out my list.
Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein
Saw this fantastic model-kit on ebay. A great scene from the film Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein.


Things I notice about blogging:

1) When you switch to a .com or personal web address, sometimes your posts don’t show up in people’s readers anymore. This can usually be fixed by having subscribers un-follow and then follow again. You should probably ask them to do this because it isn’t automatically noticed by your readers.

2) When you switch to a personal website, you loose readers. You take yourself out of the community, especially if other bloggers can’t ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your posts. I don’t want to log into someone’s site to post a comment. If I can’t comment from, I will not comment. I have too many damn sign-in codes, user names and passwords already – I’m not creating another just to leave a comment. Some sites let you comment using your Google sign-in. If you plan on branching out to your own site addy, let readers be able to comment and ‘like’ posts using WordPress or Google.

3) Please have your blog(s) link on your Gravatar Page! I can’t scroll through 300 blog listings every time I want to check out your blog. When you post from different devices it doesn’t have your blog link with your post. I click on the Gravatar and then click the blog listing you have there. If you don’t have one there…. I’ll just skip it.

wallace & Gromit
I forgot this guy from my list of The History of Robots in Film. It’s the Robot Dog from Wallace & Gromit’s episode, A Close Shave. I am adding him to my list.

55 Chevy Candy Cane
I was out the other day and saw this beautiful, 1955 Chevy! I had to take a pic.

Correction: In my review for Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds, in the first line of the review I have the year 1997 – it should read 1977. Despite reading the review 100 times before posting, I only noticed this a few days ago and made the correction.

Anyways, thank you all for reading, and especially:

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I know I may have forgotten someone, If I did, I apologize.

These are the people that visit, comment and ‘like’ my posts regularly. I appreciate your acknowledgement and enjoy your blogs. Looking forward to another year!