Rise of the Furkini – Part II – summer fantasy fun


Rise of the Furkini – Part II – summer fantasy fun

I’ve gotten so many great recommendations for add-ons to my original post, I decided to do an additional post on the subject. Thanks to all of you from Vintage Dinosaur Pictures Group, and the Ray Harryhausen Group on Facebook!

one million years bc - pic 27b

Rachel Welch made the Furkini famous in 1967’s epic dinosaur and caveman movie, One Million Years BC. Through the years there have been many variations on the famous wear and plenty of damsels to done the outfit and strut their stuff. Here’s a look at some Furkini, Animal Pattern, and Suede Bikini wearing bathing beauties and warrior women through the years.

martine beswick prehistoric women - pic 1 Linda Harrison pic 1b

Here’s even more…

Check out Rise of the Furkini part I

I’d also like to acknowledge these fine websites. Visit them for more Furkini fun:



Horror Tropes – women in panties

Debra Deliso - Slumber Party Massacre

Women in Panties in Horror flicks

Here’s one for the guys, well most of the guys, and perhaps some of the gals…

Women in panties is a recurring theme in horror movies, especially in the Slasher sub-genre. Hell, if it weren’t for women in panties, there would be no Slumber Party Massacre.

I thought it would be fun to see some of the best shots of women in panties from horror movies through the years. Try and guess the films these ‘best of the best’ shots came from and we’ll see if you were paying attention. You can scroll over the photos to see the answers.

Count how many you have recognized and match it to our grades.
(if you get the actress or the film it counts as a point)

Okay, take a deep breath. Get ready for round 2



1-5 right answers – You’re an amateur, harmless to the world around you.

6-10 right answers – You’ve not been paying much attention to plot details, story lines or character arcs as you’ve been mezmerized by panties in these films. It would be wise to lay off these films for a while and check out some Family Entertainment.

11+ right answers – You’re a stalker and have been looking too close at the panties in all of these films. You’re a vouyer that borders on Peeping Tom and the neighbors were right to call the police on you after finding you in a tree with binocculars.

Thanks to the following for exposing their frilly, silky and colorful undergarments and adding some cheap thrills to our favorite horror flicks:

Addison Timlin, Alexandra Breckenridge, Annable Odette, Anna Faris, Carmen Electra, Debra Deliso, Elisha Cuthbert, Elizabeth Shue, Gail Harris, JoBeth Williams, Katrina Bowden, Kelly Nichols, Linnea Quigley, Megan Fox, Nancy Kyes, Saffron Burrows, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon, and any others that I failed to mention who had aired their unmentionables.

parlor of horror – movie trivia post


Now on Netflix Streaming: Horror Movies

Now on Netflix Streaming: Horror Movies

***This is a public service announcement***

Young filmmakers, people with lots of money and little talent, and hot-shots that are trying to impress a girl, always say: “Let’s make a horror movie. It’s easy to make a horror movie.”

Well, its easy to make a BAD horror movie! 

That fact is quite evident by the amount of streaming & steaming crap offered on Netflix streaming. I’ve decided to save you all some trouble and review a whole bunch of horror films that have recently been in my Netflix queue.  Many of these, I could not even watch for more than 30 minutes and had to turn them off, lest I turn to stone.

From now on, when you see: ***This is a public service announcement*** – it will be followed by a bunch of one-sentence reviews that will help you clear your queue easily, without having to watch all the dreadful horror releases on the market.

the-amityville-haunting-movie-poster skeleton key haunting salem 3d Kill_Katie_Malone_Movie_Poster

So, without further delay:

***This is a public service announcement***

The Amityville Haunting (2011) – not to get confused with The Amityville Horror releases and remake, this low-z clone is a real snoozer.

Nine Dead (2010) – A bunch of peeps trapped in a room are killed one by one unless they can figure out some dumb puzzle in this SAW Clone.

A Haunting in Salem (2011) – you would think a film with ’Haunting’ and ’Salem’ in the title would be good – you think wrong.

Death of a Ghost Hunter (2007) – found footage film of a murder house investigation with annoying narration over the entire film, obnoxious titles (time stamp/dates/places) plus the film explains every type of ghost, haunting, and electronic ghost-hunting device, as if we haven’t seen one of the 200 shows on television that have already explained all that!

A Dead Calling (2006) – I was excited to see this after seeing Bill Moseley’s performance in House of a Thousand Corpses but my excitement was quickly deflated in this go nowhere, hot-air balloon.

Bag of Bones (2011) – Another hit or miss King adaptation by Mick Garris and this one is definitely a miss… by a mile!

The Skeleton Key (2005) – A rather boring ghost story starring, Kate Hudson, covers the same ol’ ground every other ghost story has covered before it.

antichristposter a dead calling KingOfTheLostWorld_cover 2HEADEDSHARKATTACKDVD

The Antichrist (2009) – What the hell am I watching here, anyway???!?!

Greystone Park (2012) – Boring like watching the grass grow, found footage film that should have stayed lost.

Demonic (2006) – After a promising opening scene, a naked snaggle-tooth demon girl killing a young couple, a group of twenty-somethings walk around the woods for 55 minutes, until the last 10 minutes of the film, when something else happens.

Parasitic (2012) – snooze.

Scourge (2008) – yawn.

Ghosts of Goldfield (2007) – get me the Tylenol.

Evil Remains (2004) – forget the Tylenol, just get me a gun!

Kill Katie Malone (2010) – a bunch of people talk, a bunch of people die, but
nothing is scary… viewer scratches head?!?!

2 Headed Shark Attack (2012) – Scy-Fy channel fodder, shut off after the bikini scene with Carmen Electra J if you can make it that far. The only thing worse than a bad CGI shark is a really bad CGI scuba diver swimming away from it.

King Of The Lost World (2005) – My question after 40 minutes; you do plan on
having a giant gorilla… in your giant gorilla movie, don’t you?

House II: The Second Story (1987) – bad 80’s haircuts in this bad 80’s sequel.

Hellgate (1989/1990) – What happens when you mix, a carnival, Horshak from Welcome Back Kotter, 1950’s cars, nudity, and dead people with bad make-up? I don’t know but it sure does suck!

House (2008) – not the 1986’s ‘House,’ a different house (I know, I was disappointed, too!), with a lot of driving…fast-mo driving to nowhere, I mean… to a house.


And, in the interest of fair play, I offer this:

Films on Netflix streaming that you should watch (if you haven’t already), decent enough for the one time watch or because they are worthy of repeated viewing.

Some titles are linked to my reviews and related articles on Parlor of Horror.

Good views:

The Fourth Kind, Reanimator, Troll Hunter, The Faculty, Super 8, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, The Dead Zone, The Devil’s Rock, Relic, Mimic, Species, Cool World (animated), The Crow, Slither, Apartment 143, House (1986), The Theater Bizarre, Darkness Falls, Carrie…

Two headed pic 1

And, one last gratuitous shot of Carmen Electra in a bikini :0