My New story published in the Cellar Door II Anthology

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My story The Gates of Lament published in Cellar Door II Anthology from JWK Fiction.

An evil hides in the dark basement of Walter Elwood‘s home. It is up to Sherriff Dalton to expose that evil, but he never expects something so vile, so sinister, and so violent. Now awakened, the evil threatens to rip his small town apart. It is up to Sherriff Dalton and Walter Elwood to defeat it and send it back to hell.

In this story, I attempted to write a ‘mini-epic’ in a small amount of space. It contains many characters, it’s all consuming, and it’s extremely nasty on both, a psychological level and physical level. I am pleased with the escalating tension and the explosive climax.

‘The Gates of Lament’ by Michael Thomas-Knight
Now available in,
Cellar Door II Anthology

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Kindle edition
Paperback edition

It also features horrific poetry, flash fiction, art, and short stories, with the central theme of a cellar door by these fantastic contributors: Alex S. Johnson, Mathias Jansson, Dona Fox, DJ Tyrer, Robert E. Petras, K. Z. Morano,  Essel Pratt, Dale Hollin, Mike Jansen, Neil Baker, Michael Thomas-Knight, Greg McWhorter, David Eccles, Matt Cowan, M. J. Sydney, David Perlmutter, Lee Forsythe, Justin Hunter, K. Trap Jones, Lori Safranek, Suzy Saylor, Patrick Lacey, Kevin Rodgers, Matthew Wilson, Michael Randolph, Gary Murphy, Adam Blampied, Jason Wolfgang Gehler. Edited by James Ward Kirk.