Bandai King Ghidrah Model Kit

Ghidrah model 015

This is my Bandai, King Ghidrah model kit.

Ghidrah model 018 Ghidrah model 006

Filling the seams was a bit of a problem with this kit, it was difficult to fill and then match the texture. If I had it to build over, I would only fill the seams where the legs attached to the body and leave the others. They weren’t really that bad as the kit fits together nicely. Some of the seams I didn’t touch at all.

Ghidrah model 016

I added the collar fur and tail fur which was evident in the early Ghidrah films.

The kit does not come with a base and I wanted to display it with my other giant monsters, so I built a custom base.

Ghidrah model 012

I tried to match the base sizes of the other kits and I did it movie poster style, so all the aspects are not really correct scale.

The Alien dude was not proper scale to Ghidrah so I put him in the foreground to simulate perspective.

Ghidrah model 005

I painted the base in gray tones so it wouldn’t take away from the bright color of Ghidrah.

I made the title plate from clay, painted it, then printed out titles. I pasted titles on both sides of the plate so I can change the title. One says, Invasion of the Astro-Monster, the other says, Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster.

Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster Cover

Note: As with the kit, I am using the American spelling of Ghidrah. In later films and Japanese versions it is spelled, Ghidorah.

Model Kits – Aurora Prehistoric Scenes – Giant Bird

Aurora Giant Bird pic 2

Aurora Prehistoric Scenes

Giant Bird – Phorohacos

I bought this kit ‘new’ and complete in the box. It was originally released in the early 1970’s in the second wave of Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kits. It was never re-released so any that you may see on the market would be original Aurora product. This one cost me a bit more than others because of its new (unused) condition.

Aurora Giant Bird pic 4

The only problem in building, which I remember from when I was a kid, was getting the body top (back) in place. It never seemed to fit exactly right. This prompted me to use super glue to build the kit so that piece would dry in a minute and not ‘pop’ off or move to a crooked position while drying overnight.

Aurora Giant Bird pic 6

I always liked this kit because it was the same giant bird as in the Schneer/Harryhausen feature, Mysterious Island (1961). I built it as instructed with no modifications.

mysterious Island - giant bird

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Robot Monster custom model kit

robot monster custom model kit 1

Robot Monster custom model kit

– conversion from The Mighty Kogar (Moebius – Monsters of the Movies) –

Here is my custom Robot Monster kit from the film of the same name (1953). The kit started as The Mighty Kogar kit from Moebius. I bought the custom Ro-man (robot monster) head from CultTVman. As I was building I decided I wanted to emulate a scene in the film where Ro-man kidnaps the young woman, Alice, and brings here back to his cave. I decided The Victim (Aurora/Moebius) would be the perfect scale.

ro-man kit 7 ro-man kit 6

I had to turn Ro-man’s hands upward to support his kidnap victim. This involved cutting them off at the wrist and reattaching them.
ro-man kit 3

I changed The Victim’s tied-off halter top to something more closely aligned with the film. I changed the denim cut-off shorts to a skirt and I repositioned her right arm closer to her body so she would sit in Ro-man’s arms better. I molded bushy hair to match Alice in the film (the Victim model kit has straight hair).

ro-man kit 4 ro-man kit 2
I built my own base with scene-it products and a circular piece of Styrofoam.

The biggest challenge was getting the antenae glued to the helmet. One is a little bent but I don’t dare touch it.

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Godzilla model kit w/conversion

Aurora – Godzilla – Model Kit w/conversion

Aurora Godzilla 3
Godzilla – Aurora / Polar Lights Model Kit

With Cult of Personality Replacement Head

This is my Godzilla model-kit which I completed in June, 2013.

I painted it the standard Godzilla-gray (2 shades of gray, off white and black). I built a base and background for the kit display.  I used the Cult of Personality conversion/custom head, which I further customized by leaving out the train car (it would be in the mouth) and doing a little sculpting around the mouth to even out the face.

I picked out photos from the internet for the background. I liked this skyline, because of its open spaces and contrast. I later discovered it is Chicago. So… Big-G invades Chicago!
Aurora Godzilla 5 Aurora Godzilla 4

Aurora Godzilla 7  Aurora Godzilla 8

godzilla model g replacement head
Aurora Godzilla