Damsels in Distress – part 4 – here’s some more!

More Damsels in Distress – Movie Posters!

This post also takes a look at Damsels in distress as depicted on movie posters through the years for horror and sci-fi.

I also included the ‘banned’ inside cover art for Guns & Roses first album Appetite for Destruction, just because it fit so well in the theme.

Damsels in distress – Part III – magazine and comics

This post takes a look at Damsels in Distress as depicted on Sci-fi & Horror pulp magazines, horror comics and a few Book Covers (and a few loose illustrations, too!)



Comics and misc:



Damsels in distress – part I – horror and sci-fi films

  wolfman The Mummy's Curse

Damsels in distress – part I – horror and sci-fi films

Cinema has had a long history of damsels in distress. Early days in silent films we’d witness tied up women laid on railroad tracks. Today we can see wives and daughters kidnapped and heroes like Liam Neeson rushing in to save them.

Take a look at the Damsel in Distress in HORROR and SCI-FI as they are carried off by apes and creatures, brutes and beasts.

Movie Stills:


The Fantastic Art of Bruce Minney

Bruce Minney 1963 illustration pic 11

The Fantastic Art of Bruce Minney

The man who painted everything.

Bruce Minney was an illustrator who did much of his work for Men’s Magazines from the late 1940’s into the early 1970’s.

Men’s adventure magazines of the time often had heroes saving damsels in distress from Nazi’s, natives, and wild animals. Magazines like, World of Men, Men Today, True Action, Man’s World, and Man’s Adventure were common adult male entertainment of the era.

bruce minney cover 4 Man's Adventure - Bruce Minney Cover pic 3

The horrors of the Nazi faction was a common theme in these men’s pulp magazines.

World of Men Bruce Minney pic9 Bruce-minney-pic 8

The women were not always the victims. Sometimes they were the heroines.

mans world bruce minney illustration pic 7

Many of his paintings had a strong horror element to them.

Bruce Minney illustration pic 6 Bruce Minney illustration pic 10

He also painted book cover art for many paperback titles.

I had first seen his work on an episode of American Pickers last year where some of his original paintings were found in a collectors loft.

Bruce Minney original painting - American Pickers

image from American Pickers TV show – History Channel

Bruce Minney passed away August 5th, 2013.

You can read more about Bruce Minney, his life and work in his biography:
Bruce Minney, The Man Who Painted Everything by Thomas Zeigler
Which includes over 380 illustrations